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Our Centres, Institutes and Networks bring academics from different disciplines together. These multiple perspectives help to provide innovative solutions to global problems.

Applied Linguistics (Centre for Research in)

Ancient Drama and its Reception (Centre for)

Bible, Ethics and Theology (Centre for)

China Ports network

Critical Theory (Centre for)

Cuba (Centre for Research on)

Cultures of Occupation in Twentieth Century Asia

Contemporary East Asian and Cultural Studies (Centre for)

D.H. Lawrence Research Centre

Hidden Histories (Centre for)

Landscape Space Place Research Group

Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (Centre for)

Linguistics in Modern Languages

Medieval Heresy and Dissent Research Network

Medieval Research (Institute for)

Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Society 

Memory Studies and the Politics of Memory

Music on Stage and Screen (Centre for)

Nottingham Interdisciplinary Modernism Research Network

Name Studies (Institute for)

Political Ideologies (Centre for Study of)

Post Conflict Societies (Centre for the Study of)

Race and Rights (Centre for Research in)

Regional Literature and Culture (Centre for)

Science Technology Research Culture Group

Screen Industries Research (Institute for)

Sensory Studies Network (Nottingham)

Slavery (Institute for the Study of)

Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies (Centre for)

Social Philosophy (Nottingham Centre for)

Theology and Philosophy (Centre of)

Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies (Centre for)

Travel Cultures Network

Underwater Archaeology Research Centre

Viking Age (Centre for the Study of)

Visual Culture (Centre for Research in)

Case studies

Two people in white boilersuits attempting to push a statue in a park

Contested heritage

Art, empire and monuments

Jewish prisoners sitting in street with armed German soldier standing over them

Through whose eyes are we seeing the past?

Challenging the use of historical images in Holocaust education

Close up of person peeking at the outside through a window

Communicating with Gen Z

Analysing and improving pandemic communications

Dark blue female icon against a lighter blue background

Misogyny against women and girls is everyone’s responsibility

Tackling institutional and cultural sexism

Person standing behind lectern at front of cinema with Hollywood sign displayed on screen

The future of film

What next for the movie industry?

Close up of statue of head in museum

Bringing museums to life through sound

How listening can connect us to our past, present and future

Colourful drawing of five men standing next to each other in line

Hungry for Words

Raising awareness of eating disorders in men


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