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Research facilities and resources

University of Nottingham students have access to many spaces and places in which to conduct their independent study and research. Many of the public collections are unique to Nottingham, and tutors add to these collections with their own personal libraries.

Faculty of Arts student facilities are chiefly located within University Park and Kings Meadow Campus, though virtual environments allow for research within and presentation to a global audience.

In addition to the resources, University Park offers facilities through which to engage with the public, and realise the impact of individual and collaborative research.  


The Hennessy Collection (Cuba)

Professor Antoni Kapcia showcases The University of Nottingham's Hennessy Collection, Centre for Research on Cuba.

Denis Arnold Library (Music)

Dr Lonán Ó Briain showcases the Department of Music's Denis Arnold Library.



The Reading Room, Manuscripts and Special Collections 

Professor Judith Jesch, Centre for the Study of the Viking Age, showcases the Reading Room in Manuscripts and Special Collections.

The Bentinck Room, Manuscripts and Special Collections

Dr Andrew Harrison, D.H. Lawrence Research Centre, showcases the Bentinck Room in Manuscripts and Special Collections.



The Store, Manuscripts and Special Collections

Professor Nicola McLelland, Department of German Studies, showcases The University of Nottingham's Manuscripts and Special Collections Store.


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Technical facilities

Bioarchaeology Laboratory

Dr Naomi Sykes, Department of Archaeology, showcases The University of Nottingham's Bioarchaeology Laboratory

Translation Suite 

Dr Pierre Alexis Mevel, Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, showcases The University of Nottingham's Translation Suite, Hallward Library.



Eye Tracker and Corpus Laboratory

Dr Michaela Mahlberg, Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics, showcases The University of Nottingham's Eye Tracker Laboratory.

Digital Humanities Centre

Dr Katharina Lorenz talks about collaborative research in the Digital Humanities Centre.



Screening Room and Editing Suite

Professor Gianluca Sergi, Institute for Screen Industries Research, showcases two of The University of Nottingham's film and media facilities - The Screening Room, Hallward Library, and the Editing Suite, Kings Meadow Campus

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Tutor's personal and supervision spaces

Dr Mark Pearce, Department of Archaeology, discusses the space in which he conducts tutorials and research supervision.

Cecilia Goria, The Language Centre, discusses how she researches and connects with her students in a virtual environment.



Dr Mark Gallagher, Department of Culture, Film and Media, discusses the space in which he conducts tutorials and research supervision.

Dr Carly Crouch, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, discusses the space in which he conducts tutorials and research supervision.



Millennium Gardens, University Park

Dr Jonathan Tallant, Department of Philosophy, talks about the philosophical relationship between one of Nottingham's many green spaces and his research.


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Public arts spaces for research and public engagement

The New Theatre

Dr Peter Kirwan, School of English, showcases the New Theatre, and discusses its place in his research.

Weston Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre

Dr Jo Robinson, Centre for Regional Literature and Culture, showcases the Weston Gallery, and discusses its place in her research and public engagement.



The University of Nottingham Museum

Dr Chris King, Institute for Medieval Studies, showcases the University of Nottingham Museum, and discusses its place in archaeology research and public engagement.

Djanogly Art Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre

Dr Mark Rawlinson, Department of History of Art, explains how postgraduate students can become involved in exhibitions at the Djanogly Art Gallery.



Djanogly Recital Hall

Dr Sarah Hibberd, Department of Music, discusses how the Djanogly Recital Hall serves as a flexible space to be used by researchers and for research.

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