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Shakespeare himself wrote 884,421 words across all his plays. There's been a lot more than that written about the Bard in the 400 years since his death, including many original, insightful and thought-provoking ones by The University of Nottingham academics.

Bardathon blog

Winters Tale Bardathon reviewPeter Kirwan reviews new productions of early modern plays as well as related films, documentaries, books and events.

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Quite Irregular blog

JQuite Irregular blog postem Bloomfield researches and writes across Shakespeare, gender, performance and the Bible. 

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Like any writer of historical fiction Shakespeare drew on many sources. Nicola Royan looks at how Shakespeare edited and reshaped the narratives he knew to create a simpler if memorable villain.

Rehabilitating Macbeth

Beyond words

Our Manuscripts And Special Collections team hold a collection of memorabilia from festivals, advertisements featuring Shakespearian quotes and a whole lot more.

Cambridge Shakespeare Collection


Shakespeare on screen

Scope, the University of Nottingham online journal for film and television history, theory and criticism, features many articles involving Shakespeare. 

Scope articles mentioning Shakespeare

Bear baiting in the Bard's time

Hannah O'Regan looks at how bear-baiting and the theatre co-existed in Shakespeare's time.

Shakespeare’s competition: the grisly world of British bear-baiting

My favourite Shakepeare

 My favourite Shakespeare hero is Titania. She is a strong queen, capable of love for who is near her and who doesn’t accept to submit to her husband. Unfortunately she is bewitched by Oberon and deprived of the right to love freely. For these reasons, we should consider her almost a tragic hero.

Alessia Molteni, PhD student, School of English

Who's your favourite hero or villain in Shakespeare's work? What's your favourite play or quote? Tell us who or what and why.

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Shakespeare on tour

Watch Hannah Manktelow, one of our PhD students, talking about her research as part of the BBC's Shakespeare on Tour series.


Researching Shakespeare

Many of our academic staff have an interest in Shakespeare as part of their research.

PhD students

  • Hannah Manktelow - provincial Shakespeare performance
  • Alessia Molteni - performance of Shakespeare in China


Studying Shakespeare at Nottingham


If the words our academics write inspire you and you are interested in studying more check out the modules on Shakespeare we've offered in 2015-16.

Other subjects

Aspects of Shakespeare may be included as part of the content of other courses. For example in History or Archaeology. To find out more contact us and ask about Shakespeare content in the area you are interested in.

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My favourite Shakepeare

 My favourite play is Hamlet. It’s got everything, including love, betrayal and deaths (lots of those). Hamlet seemed an ideal hero when I was a teenager. Twenty years on, I’m struck by how the play has grown with me. The things I find important in it have changed, and each time I see it I still find something new (that said, it's the same with reading Terry Pratchett).

Hannah O'Regan, Assistant Professor of Archaeology


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