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Why study more than one subject?


Combine your favourites

If you love two subjects and don't want to choose between them you don't have to.

Interested in climate change both from the physical evidence and the events that have caused it? Combine Archaeology and History.

How about the way language has developed and the values it communicates? Study both English and Philosophy.


Mix old with new

You may love one subject but want to explore something else as well.

If you already love ancient Greek and Rome but want to explore their physical remains as well try Classical Civilisation and Archaeology.

Or if American politics and culture already fascinates you but you want to explore film and television alongside it's an option.


Develop broad skills

Most graduate employers are interested in your skills more than your subject knowledge.

They want people who:

  • are flexible
  • are able to look at problems from different angles
  • can manage multiple priorities
  • appreciate complexity. 

Studying more than one subject helps to demonstrate this.


Go global with languages

Expand your opportunities by combining a language with another subject.

Join us as a beginner, with a GCSE or an A level.

You can study ChineseFrench, German, Russian and Slavonic StudiesSpanish and Portuguese, alongside a range of other subjects. 



Your options

American and Canadian Studies

Explore the history and culture of the United States and Canada


Ancient History

Study ancient Greece and Rome

Combine Ancient History with...





Learn about our past through material evidence


Classical Civilisation

Examine the literature, culture and society of classical Greece and Rome

Combine Classical Civilisation with...





Study ancient Greek and Latin as a gateway to the ancient world

Combine Classics with...



Contemporary Chinese Studies

Study in depth the country that China is today

Combine Contemporary Chinese Studies with...








Encounter prose, poetry, drama and linguistics across the ages


Film and Television Studies

Interrogate cinema and television as both art forms and industries

Combine Film and Television Studies with...

...American Studies



Study periods, themes and events from the medieval to the present day


History of Art

Examine objects and images from the past and how they influence us today

Combine History of Art with...





International Media and Communications

Study the theory and history of communications in a global context

Combine International Media and Communications with...






Liberal Arts

Study and connect multiple subjects in one degree

Build your own degree programme from multiple subjects and combine these different perspectives into one degree.

Liberal Arts


Modern Languages

French German Portuguese Russian Serbian/Croatian Spanish

Learn a language alongside its literature, linguistics, history, politics and culture.



Explore the importance of music and creativity in society

Combine Music with...




Learn how to think clearly, argue coherently and communicate effectively


Theology and Religious Studies

Includes the study of texts, philosophy, history and different religious traditions 

Combine Theology and Religious Studies with...


Religion, Philosophy and Ethics



Foundation programme

The foundation programme is designed for:

  • UK students whose school-leaving qualifications do not meet the admissions requirements for direct entry to our undergraduate programmes
  • mature students holding non-standard qualifications
  • students facing education barriers.

Find out more about our foundation programme.


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