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Arts and Community Cohesion Case Studies

Arts and Community Cohesion Case Studies

Arts & Community Cohesion Case Studies

Welcome to the Arts and Community Cohesion Case Studies homepage. This website hosts case studies of arts projects in the Nottingham area that have actively promoted social cohesion in and between communities. The case studies are a result of research conducted by researchers from the University of Nottingham who have worked in collaboration with the Nottingham Arts & Community Cohesion Forum.  The research has been funded by the Arts Council East Midlands and Nottingham City Council.

Dr Theodore Stickley has led on the development of the research. He is an Associate Professor within the School of Health Sciences and is a member of Mental Health Research Group within the School. His research focuses upon how participation in the arts might affect health and well-being. This website contains evidence from some of this research, especially in relation to how people's lives may be affected by arts projects that specifically seek to build bridges within and between communities. Research into this area is in its infancy and these case studies make a significant contribution to this area of study.  

We would like this website to grow and include more case studies in the future. In order to do this, we have developed a template so that organisers of arts projects in the Nottingham area, who wish to disseminate their work, can submit their case studies for inclusion in this website. For further information, please navigate to the submit a case study page.

At the present time, this website only includes case studies from the Nottingham area. It is envisaged that this website might attract the interest of others around the UK and beyond. As resources permit, we will therefore expand this website to accommodate case studies from around the UK and beyond in the future.

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Arts and Community Cohesion Case Studies

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