UDSz Spectroscopic Redshifts

Survey Overview

Spectra for over 3000 K-band selected galaxies were obtained using VIMOS and FORS2, as part of the UDSz ESO Large Programme (180.A-0776, PI: Almaini). Galaxies were selected over 0.6 sq degrees of the UDS field to a limit of K=23 (AB). The final data were taken in 2011. A full ESO Phase III release of reduced spectra and catalogues is in preparation. A provisional redshift catalogue can be found below.

Credit and rules on usage

The redshifts from the catalogue below may be used freely. A full data paper is in preparation (Maltby et al., in preparation). For now, please acknowledge ESO Programme 180.A-0776 and reference the following publications:

Redshift Catalogue

The catalogues below contains 1511 secure spectroscopic redshifts obtained so far from UDSz:

The data are arranged into the following columns:

  1. UDS DR1 ID
  2. RA
  3. DEC
  4. Spectroscopic redshift
  5. Instrument
  6. Redshift flag (see below)

Flags 1-4 were used for VIMOS (3,4="secure") while A,B,C,D were used for FORS2 (A,B="secure"). Flags "4" and "A" correspond to the most secure ('bulletproof') redshifts for VIMOS and FORS2 respectively, which showed multiple unambiguous features. Flags 3,B,B* were also considered reliable, but lacked the features required to be classified as 100% secure following cross-correlation and visual classification. Note that five objects have no DR1 K-band ID. These are serendipitous secondary targets, included for completeness.

Last update March 25 2014 by Omar Almaini