Zoomable Images

Below you can browse colour images of the UDS survey, based on the DR11 release (June 2016). At full resolution the image is more than 25,000 x 25,000 pixels, so zooming is required to appreciate these data.

BzK image Zoomable optical/IR image, using data from the B, z and K filters. Click the image to the left to view.

BzK image Zoomable IR image, using data from the J, H and K filters. Click the image to the left to view.

Press Release Image

An image of a small section (0.4%) of the UDS field. Most of the objects in the image are very distant galaxies, observed as they were over 9 billion years ago. In the full image, 250,000 galaxies have been detected over an area of sky four times the size of the full Moon. Credit: Omar Almaini, University of Nottingham.


Further Image Highlights

Below are some example zooms from the UDS images, all of which can be found by viewing the BzK image above. The images shown below are approximately 4x4 arcmin on the side, representing ~0.5% of the UDS image. Click on the images for larger versions.

Zoom 0

Zoom 1

Zoom 2

Zoom 3

Zoom 4