Our Shows and Activities

The Inflativerse, The University of Nottingham's mobile planetarium, is available FREE to schools in the Nottingham area that fall under the Wideneing Participation criteria. We run planetarium shows giving pupils a view of the night sky like they've never seen before! We also run hands-on activities to give pupils a flavour of astronomical research.

Our fully trained volunteers are scientists and students at the University of Nottingham who will deliver educational and inspirational shows for pupils of ages 5-11. The shows are based around ‘The Northern Sky at Night’ and are usually around 30 minutes long.

Our visits can also include a interactive classroom based activity about 'Galaxy Classification'. Pupils will work in groups and will develop scientific and team work skills. This acitivity will run in parallel with the planetarium shows so pupils will be able to experience both in one afternoon.

The Inflativerse covers an exciting selection of educational topics, and usually the content of the visit will be a mixture of the below:

  1. The sky at night

  2. Ancient Greek mythology

  3. Light pollution

  4. Constellations

  5. Navigation by the stars

  6. Our Galaxy the Milky Way

  7. The many shapes and sizes of galaxies