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Generation and characterisation of nanoparticles with different size and shape

By applying advanced analytical tools we can gain improved understanding into the cellular response of macrophages and ultimately immune response. The project can also underpin the development of new tools for immune modulation in addition to enhanced understanding of biological mechanisms of macrophage behaviour.

Exploring the Function of Gene Regulators by CRISPR CAS9 Genome Editing

This project will utilise these cell lines in 'rescue' experiments by re-expression of wild type or mutant KAT6A to determine function. We will generate mutations in different functional domains in KAT6A to assess their requirement for regulation of a panel target genes by qPCR.

PIP5K1A – integrating lipid signalling with nuclear function

The project will integrate with structure function studies ongoing with groups in Sweden and Nottingham. For example our collaborators in Sweden have generated a small molecule inhibitor of PIP5K1A (Semenas 2014 PNAS; (Sarwar et al Oncotarget 2016; Karlsson et al.,submitted) which prevents the growth of metastatic prostate tumours in animal models. We hope to determine the structure of PIP5K1A in complex with its inhibitor with our collaborators in structural biology

The regulation of polyadenylation in inducible gene expression

In this project you will use genetic manipulation of cell lines, including siRNA transfection, CRISPR-Cas9 knockout and recombination of genes and overexpression of wild type and mutant proteins to characterise the pathways involved in the regulation of polyadenylation.
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