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Biomolecular Skills School

The Nottingham-Rothamsted BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership and the Research Complex at Harwell are pleased to announce the first fully-funded Biomolecular Analysis and Manipulation Study School, to take place in January 2019.

Taking place over two 3-day sessions (8-10th January 2019 at the University of Nottingham and 3 days (21-23rd January 2018 at Research Complex at Harwell). This BBSRC National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) funded Industrial Challenges Skills School offers Early Career Researchers and PhD students the opportunity to access high quality training in experimental design and bioinformatics analysis, imaging, synthetic biology, biomolecular analysis and industrial biotechnology.

The aim is to provide an in-depth understanding and awareness of the techniques that can be used for biomolecular analysis and manipulation of molecules, and the experimental design needed for stringent research and data analysis. This will enable researchers in multiple disciplines and areas to appreciate the potential and resources available for biomolecular analysis, both in silico and experimentally. 

The programme will allow participants to work in multidisciplinary teams to develop solutions to scientific problems, and provide opportunity to consider the application of new techniques and approaches to their own areas of work. The programme will include lectures, workshops, tours, seminars and breakout sessions.

The provisional programme for the 2019 Biomolecular Skills School is available here. Please note that this is subject to change.


Areas of training:

  • Experimental design and Transferable Skills
  • Bioinformatics and in silico analysis
  • Analysis of structure and interactions of key molecules in developmental pathways
  • Analysis of biopolymers for the food and Pharma industries
  • Production of membrane protein targets
  • Assaying structure and function of molecules in solution
  • Drug screening using protein crystallography and SPR
  • Structure determination of pharmaceutically important targets (EM and PX)
  • Imaging at high resolution of cellular function to understand molecular process including in vivo drug responses (Super-res microscopy, Cryo Electron tomography, X-ray microscopy)
  • Guest lectures from Industry Partners to demonstrate need for the need and applications for these skills

 Eligibility to apply:

  • PhD student
  • Early Career Researcher
  • UK, EU and international applications welcome
  • Priority will be given to BBSRC-funded researchers and delegates from UK companies

Additional information: 

  • The six day programme is fully funded
  • Accommodation and meals will be provided
  • There is no registration fee involved

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