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Athena Swan


The School of Biosciences has been an Athena Swan award holder since 2009 and the current bronze award is valid until 2017.  The School is currently working towards a third submission for a Silver award in November 2017.  The Equality and Diversity Committee has worked to introduce many initiatives to raise the profile of women in science. Just a few examples are the ‘Redressing the Balance’ seminar series, posters highlighting eminent women in science, and a ‘Women in Science’ Facebook Page.  Additionally, there have been many equality-based initiatives of benefit to all staff such as the introduction of a School flexible working policy, transparent and fairly advertised appointments to School Committees and senior leadership roles, workshops to support promotion applications. 

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Commitment to all staff

The School of Biosciences is committed to supporting career development and working to Athena SWAN principles for all our staff through its action plans for academic staff and for administrative, professional and managerial staff and technical staff.


Dongfang Li

"I definitely appreciate our school’s support to me for the work and family balance. I think there is lot of opportunities in our School for women scientists to develop their careers, whichever job families they are in. In fact, I have praised our Athena Swan Program for inspiring me to develop my career further in my file for Chartered Chemist award from Royal Society of Chemistry submitted just after the new year."

- Dongfang Li, Technical Specialist (Animal Sciences)


 Hear some more of our staff and students discuss multiple gender-based topics in the videos below: 




Redressing the Balance seminars

Date and time: Coming soon...

Topic: How to study for a PhD while making people (A personal account of the plan vs the reality)

By Stephanie Brindley who says “I’m a PhD student with a young child. AMA (Ask Me Anything)”


Announcing the School of Biosciences BAFTARS - Awards for Administrators, 
Technicians and Researchers - nominations open 3-30 January 2017



Equality policies

Staff resources 


For further information please contact the Chair of the School’s Athena Swan Task Force, Professor Simon Langley-Evans or Dr Sarah Johnson, Head of Operations.

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