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Deepa Agarwal

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



Experienced Postdoctoral Research Fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the Food and hydrocolloids research industry. Skilled in Hydrocolloids, Physical characterisation using various analytical techniques such as Rheology, Microscopy, DSC, TGA, DVS, Relaxation NMR and Sensory Evaluation. Strong interest in correlating different techniques to develop new products (NPD) and root-cause analysis of different food processing issues. Strong research professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Food Structure from University of Nottingham.

Currently, working as PostDoc Research Fellow in Food science department. Current research project involves investigating the impact of processing on structural & functional properties of different varieties of wheat for food.

In past, worked as Research Associate at Pipers Crisps in knowledge transfer partnership with the University of Nottingham, UK and as a Researcher + PhD Researcher at Borregaard AS, Norway. KTP Research project with Pipers Crisps ltd involved around the understanding the key-player for instability of flavour potato crisps, root cause analysis of flavour instability and methods for minimizing the issues and new product development (flavour) for potato crisps. This project was funded by KTP, Innovate, UK.

Expertise Summary

Food Structure and Processing

# Characterisation techniques such as Rheology, Dynamic Vapor sorption (DVS), Low-Resolution NMR (Relaxation NMR) and WXRD (wide angle X-ray diffractometer)

# KTP project involves all R&D activities at Pipers crisps ltd, Lincoln, UK. This project involved technical skills such as: Flavour profiling (using HS-SPME-GC-MS), Sensory profiling of savoury food products and New Product Developments.

Teaching Summary

Module Lecture at the University of Nottingham (2017 - 2018);

  • Food Flavour and Physiology of Perception module - titled "Flavour & Sensory profile to tackle food industry challenges & NPD - case study: Flavoured Potatoes crisps".
  • Workshop on Unscrambler software: FTIR spectra data - titled "practical application of Unscrambler statistical tool for FTIR spectral analysis of food material".
  • Workshop on Differential Scanning Calorimetry - titled "Application of DSC in the food industry".

# Demonstrator for following techniques (2012 - 2015):

  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) in collaboration with Surface Measurement Systems, UK
  • Rheology in collaboration with Anton Paar Rheometer systems, UK

# Taught Undergraduate Practicals:

  1. Operation of Low-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Relaxation NMR)
  2. Rheological analysis of different polymeric suspension and gels

# Taught Postgraduate Practical's: Examine and Correlate the sensory and physical properties of tomato ketchup.

Research Summary

Funding Partners: Doctoral Research funding, The University of Nottingham, UK

This project involves working in collaboration with Plant science department, the University of Nottingham. Key targets for this project: characterisation, processing and functionalisation of different varieties of wheat (4 main varieties of UK, 18 wild relatives of wheat and hybrid varieties of wheat from the UK) for the food industry. Technical Skills: different physical characterisation & water mobility by using equipment such as TGA, DSC, FTIR, DVS and relaxation NMR, aroma profile by using headspace GC-MS-SPME and advanced statistical analysis such as Unscrambler X and Design expert.

Agarwal Deepa, MacNaughtan W., Foster T.J., (2018) Interactions between microfibrillar cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose in an aqueous suspension. Carbohydrate Polymer, 185, 112-119.

Agarwal Deepa, Hewson L., Foster T.J. (2018) A comparison of the sensory and rheological properties of different cellulosic fibres for food. Food & Functions, in the press.

Agarwal Deepa, MacNaughan W., Foster T.J. (2015) Relaxation NMR and rheology in cellulosic materials. NMR workshop, The University of Nottingham, UK. (Talk)

Agarwal Deepa, Foster T.J., (2014) Rheological Properties of highly refined cellulose: carboxymethyl cellulose Mixtures compared to other commercially available Fibres. Annual European Rheology conference (AERC), Karlsruhe, Germany. (Talk)

Agarwal Deepa, Foster T.J., (2014) Investigation of the interaction between micro fibril cellulose and different polymeric additives in aqueous suspensions. 6th International conference on polymer behaviour (ICPB (6)), Vienne, Austria. (Talk)

Agarwal Deepa, MacNaughan W., Foster T.J., (2013) Investigate sorption and desorption phenomenon on cellulose based fruit fibres. EPNOE, Nice, France. (Talk)

Agarwal Deepa, Foster T.J., (2013) Rheological properties of highly refined cellulose: carboxymethyl cellulose mixtures compared to other commercially available fibres. Gums and Stabiliser for food industry, Wrexham, Whales, UK. (Poster)

Agarwal Deepa, Foster T.J., (2014) Investigation of the interaction between micro fibril cellulose (MFC) and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as additives in aqueous suspensions. Anton Parr Rheology Course and Poster session, Nottingham, UK. (Poster)

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