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  • Title: An automated method to detect and quantify fungiform papillae in the human tongue: Validation and relationship to phenotypical differences in taste perception.
    Authors: Eldeghaidy, S., Thomas T, Skinner, M., Ford, R., Giesbrecht, T., Thomas, A., Hort, J., Francis, S., 2018
    Journal:  Journal of Physiology and Behaviour
  • Title: Variation in illusionary taste response across thermal tasters. 
    Authors: Skinner, M., Eldeghaidy, S., Ford, R., Giesbrecht, T., Thomas, A., Francis, S., Hort, J, 2018 
    Journal: Journal of Physiology and Behaviour
  • Title: Investigating the oronasal contributions to metallic perception. 
    Authors: Skinner, M., Lim, M., Tarrega, A., Ford, R., Linforth, R., Thomas, A. & Hort, J, 2017
    Journal: International Journal of Food Science and Technology
  • Article: Brain response to fat could determine future path in tackling obesity
    Date: 26-Sep-2016
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  • ELDEGHAIDY, S., MARCIANI, L., HORT J., HOLLOWOOD T., SINGH, G., BUSH, D., FOSTER, T., TAYLOR, A.T., BUSCH, J., SPILLER, R.C., GOWLAND, P.A., and FRANCIS, S.T., 2016. Prior consumption of a fat meal in healthy adults modulates the brain’s response to fat. Journal of Nutrition, published online ahead of print: doi: 10.3945/jn.116.234104

  • HORT, J., FORD, R., ELDEGHAIDY., S and FRANCIS, S.T. 2016 Thermal tasterstatus : Evidence of cross-modal integration. Human Brain Mapping.
  • FRANCIS, S. and ELDEGHAIDY, S. 2015 Imaging methodologies and applications for nutrition research: what can functional MRI offer? Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. 74(2), 89-98.
  • Article: Food Science and Technology Magazine, published by the Institute of Food Science and Technology
    Title: Trends in food sensory science
    Date: 02/03/2015
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  • ELDEGHAIDY, S., HOLLOWOOD, T., MARCIANI, L., HEAD, K., BUSCH, J., TAYLOR, A.J., FOSTER, T.J., SPILLER, R.C., GOWLAND, P.A., FRANCIS, S. and HORT, J., 2012. Does fat alter the cortical response to flavor? Chemosensory Perception. 5(3-4), 215-230
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