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Current student profiles 

Charlotte Price, BSc Agricultural and Livestock Science (first year)

Charlotte Price“I chose Nottingham University due to the friendly atmosphere at Sutton Bonington Campus on my open day visit, as well as liking its location in the countryside. The course I have chosen focuses on commercial livestock production and management and seems to fit me perfectly. 

I was worried on my arrival that I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was very chatty and wanted to get to know one another, so making friends was relatively easy. Especially with lots of events available on the first week, such as nights out, introductory lectures and freshers fairs. 

Living on campus keeps you close to your friends and makes travelling to lectures, as well as nights out in The Barn easy. I like the accommodation here – I’m in a flat with four other first years, sharing a kitchen and living room area. CLV staff (CLV is the company who provide the accommodation on campus) are approachable and helpful. 

There are many clubs and societies available at Sutton Bonington and at University Park Campus. I have joined a number of different societies ranging from Badminton to Agrics. With Agrics I’ve been to events such as pie-making and farm walks, as well as a ceilidh.”


Emily Tyack, BSc Environmental Biology (second year)

Emily Tyack“The first time I came Nottingham was on an open day, I had been to what felt like hundreds of open days but none of them quite stood up to Nottingham.  Every university calls my subject something different, and the content can also vary from uni to uni - I came to University thinking I liked marine science and animals, yet within a few months the lecturers here had converted me into a lover of plants and soil science. The breadth of modules and enthusiastic lecturers opened my eyes to subjects I would otherwise have dismissed, and I’m really grateful for that because it makes me a more rounded scientist. 

Environmental biologists are pretty blessed with their opportunities to travel as well; after my first year I went to Honduras as a research scientist with OPWAL, and in my final year there is an arctic ecology field course to northern Sweden which I am very much looking forward to! 

I really want to get as much out of uni as possible; there is so much on offer here that it’s just so easy to get involved! I joined the lacrosse team, took up kayaking, am on the committee of the conservation society, was a student ambassador for my course, and volunteer in the paediatric ward of the QMC holding craft sessions as part of Open Art Surgery. I have met some of my best friends through these activities.  

Heart-wrenchingly,  I am leaving them all next year for a year in industry, working as an ecological research scientist in Paignton Zoo. If applying for placements taught me anything it’s that employers are looking at more than just grades, so not only am I having the time of my life doing all this extra stuff at uni, I’m also effectively expanding my CV with everything employers want to see.  University is definitely what you make it - Nottingham has everything you could possibly want, you just have to come here and find it!” 


Emma Barber, BSc Food Science (first year)

Emma Barber“I decided to study Food Science because I am interested in the different properties of food, and the development of flavours within food products. I chose Nottingham because I liked the country and community feel of Sutton Bonington, and all the societies available both here and at University Park Campus mean there is something available for everyone. 

So far my favourite part of the course has been the food science practicals in the food labs. I am really looking forward to our food tour at the end of the year where we all visit a food company over two days.

Week one was a fantastic experience. Over the first weekend the SB Guild organised a barbeque and pizza evenings, encouraging everyone to socialise, which really aided with making friends. This is also a chance to find out more about societies. I joined a variety including the FoodSoc, Lacrosse and Players on SB, as well as the New Theatre and Dance on UP. These are another fantastic way to meet people and make new friends. The free hopper bus to UP makes all societies accessible to join and attend.

My best experience so far was the Good Food Show where we went to Birmingham NEC for the day to look round all the stalls and see the new foods coming onto the market. “ 


Freya Rose, MSci Environmental Science (second year)

Freya Rose“I chose to study Environmental Science because it’s an interdisciplinary subject encompassing aspects of chemistry, biology, geography, geology and more, so there’s a lot of variety. It’s also interesting because it’s an applied science – you’re learning about issues that are actually happening right now in the world around us, like climate change and conservation of endangered species. At Nottingham, you can also choose optional modules, allowing you to tailor your degree to your interests. I really like that there’s a great sense of community on the course and everybody knows one another. 

Field trips are a big part of the course and a great opportunity to get to know other students and the academic staff. The trip to the Peak District in the first week was a big highlight for me. There are a lot of amazing opportunities for students - I have applied to study abroad for a semester next year, and I’m also hoping to undertake some industrial experience later in my degree – both will give me a big boost in starting my career.  The University has strong links with many companies and schemes, and offers many ways to enhance your degree, so is definitely the right choice in investing in your future. 

University Park Campus is a brilliant place to live in first year. It’s green, spacious and safe and the city centre is just a short bus ride away. The new David Ross Sports Village is currently under construction, but if sports aren’t your thing there’s still a huge variety of activities and societies to get involved with. I’ve been on one of the Snow Sports Society trips to Val Thorens - it was an absolutely amazing week which will be one of my favourite memories from university in the future.  Nottingham is a great student city with a vibrant nightlife; there’s everything you could possibly need but the city doesn’t feel too big. I currently have a part time job as a waitress to support my studies, and there are a lot of similar positions available to students if that’s something you’re interested in doing.” 


Grace Smith, MSci Environmental Science (first year) 

Grace Smith“I chose Environmental Science because it is such a wide degree including business, geography, chemistry, anthropology, biology and more. There are plenty of ways to style your degree and, even as a first year, I already know which way I want to take my degree and have picked my optional modules based on my strengths.  Nottingham was always pretty high up on my list of universities but the things that made it stand out were the great breadth of material and the relationships with academic staff. Whenever I need any help there is always someone to talk to.  

I live on Broadgate Park which is self-catered accommodation just off campus. I love being in self-catered as it is far more independent and you are not fixed to having meals at certain times. My flatmates were the first friends I made at university and are still some of my best friends as we got thrown together when all of us didn’t know anyone else. 

I am a member of the University’s  Equestrian Society and Silver Screen Society. The Equestrian Society is a great bunch of people all joined together because of our love of horse riding, but we do such a wide range of things together. Silver Screen is a film society where we get together every week to watch a new film. I am also setting up an Environmental Science and Biology Society for everyone studying our course to get to know one another, socialise, get involved with talks and conferences to do with the subject, and much more.”


Hannah King, MNutr Nutrition and Dietetics (first year)

Hannah King“When deciding what I wanted to do after my A Levels, I knew that I wanted to work in a healthcare profession and I have always enjoyed biology and chemistry at school. I also have an interest in food and health, so this course and career as a dietitian matched my interests very well. Nottingham was my first choice given that the University has such a great reputation. I have really enjoyed my course so far and I am particularly looking forward to going on my first hospital placement this summer and starting to apply the knowledge that I have learnt throughout my first year to my future career.

I also chose Nottingham because I love the atmosphere of the campus; it’s the perfect balance between living in peaceful countryside yet also being able to enjoy everything Nottingham city centre has to offer.  I currently live in halls and will be staying on campus in my second year because it’s very practical in terms of being able to walk to lectures in less than ten minutes and having such easy access to useful amenities including the sports centre and the library.

My favourite thing, without a doubt, about living and studying at Sutton Bonington is that there is such a strong sense of community here making it really nice and friendly environment to live and study in!”


James Pickering, BSc Plant Science (first year)

James Pickering“I chose to study at Nottingham because it presented me with such an astounding range of opportunities to extend my experience far beyond the confining walls of the lecture theatre.

On my course, I have the chance to travel and study in Malaysia, immersing myself in the rich culture of Malaysia and at the University’s Malaysia Campus, tapping into the unique knowledge base of cutting edge crop research. As an aspiring plant scientist, the idea of studying amongst world renowned scientists, whilst living surrounded by tropical rainforest, has long been my dream. I now have the chance to make it reality - in fact I'm writing my application as we speak! 

What makes this so fantastic is that just a few months ago I was still just a dreamer... one of those people who has all these wonderful aspirations for life but no real means of making them happen. Since arriving at Nottingham I have had access to so many opportunities, it has helped me to realise that sometimes you just have to go for it and make things happen for yourself. 

Despite this new found wanderlust, Sutton Bonington has become the ultimate home from home. It provides a great environment to meet new people because of the smaller size of the campus, which allow you to settle in quickly and easily make lasting friends. This generates a real sense of belonging and there is definitely a very strong community spirit, which is especially apparent at the monthly farmers’ markets and bar nights!”           


Matthew Bourne, BSc Animal Science (first year)

Matthew Bourne“One of the reasons I chose to study on the Sutton Bonington campus was the location in an area of beautiful scenery and it’s only a short walk from the local villages and the canal. However, it’s also really easy to get into the city with free hopper buses that take you to   University Park Campus.

One of my main concerns about university was making friends but living in halls makes socialising really easy and I had made loads of friends in no time. Living on campus also means I live less than five minutes’ walk away from where my lectures take place which is really convenient. There is also dinner provided five nights a week which means you don’t have to worry about cooking in the evenings, and at weekends we often cook together as a flat. The campus has a small shop and café but for your weekly shops you can order online and they will deliver straight to your flat.

The course is really enjoyable and the way that it’s structured means that everyone can reach the same level of understanding early on so that no one is left behind. Also, most of the lectures are recorded, which means that if you miss anything while you are in a lecture you can go back over it afterwards. The staff are also very friendly and happy to help; you will be appointed a personal tutor who you have regular meetings with and will support you throughout your time here.” 


Megan Roberts, BSc Nutrition (first year)

Megan Roberts“The welcoming, friendly atmosphere and beautiful campus were what stood out for me when I visited and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to study here.  I have a keen interest in food and nutrition, particularly in how it affects our susceptibility to and ability to fight disease, so I chose Nottingham as the course offers modules that compliment my interests.  My course so far has been really interesting, and what’s great is that the lecturers are all really passionate about their subjects and this really comes across in presentations and practicals. They are all really approachable and more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Being secluded in the countryside isn’t an issue at all: with the free bus regularly going to University Park and into the city at weekends so we have the best of both worlds! Also, we are located about 20 minutes away from Loughborough which I often visit for grocery shopping. 

I’ve really dived in with sports and societies on SB and have loved every minute! I’m in the netball team which plays in the Loughborough League most weekends, have joined the choir and am also involved in the tennis, extreme ambling and food societies.  Social events and trips are frequently arranged – going to the Good Food Show with FoodSoc was amazing.”          


Samuel Chak, BSc Biotechnology (first year)

Sam Chak“Hello! I chose to study biotechnology because it has been an interest of mine since my early days in high school. I’m interested in how science and technology can help improve many areas that are lacking in our society, and the university has great resources for us to explore and develop our interests. 

I have particularly enjoyed the practical lab sessions that are conducted for each subject as it gives great interaction and insights into research. I’m looking forward to many more lab practicals in the future as my course allows me to go more in depth into the subject.

I enjoy the life at Sutton Bonington as it is a very close-knit community where you get to meet your friends almost every day during lectures or even just walking around campus to and from classes. This has allowed me to settle in very quickly into student life, and it was fun to go through this experience with the many great friends you make in the first week. 

I particularly enjoy the sports scene in the university, and Sutton Bonington’s Sports Centre offers a broad range of facilities for me to be actively involved. I enjoy playing basketball with friends, and it’s so convenient as it is only a five-minute walk from our accommodation.”


Sarah Guest, BSc Microbiology (first year)

Sarah Guest“I made the decision to study microbiology as it’s a prestigious subject area which seems to be constantly changing and evolving, so nothing is ever boring. I’m really amazed by how much an organism that cannot be seen by the naked eye can have such a dramatic effect on life itself, ranging from health to food spoilage. It’s great to know that in the future I may be able to further understand some of the issues the world is currently facing, and potentially make a contribution. 

Sutton Bonington Campus stood out to me because of its uniqueness and distance from the city, which made the transition to university life a lot easier, especially considering the campus has everything you need for everyday life. 

The accommodation here is a winner as well, as the lecture rooms are less than a five minute walk away, so being late is never really a problem. The flats are well mixed, and you’ll probably find that you’ll be doing some of the same modules as your flatmates which is an extra bonus when it comes to revision!

Welcome Week may have been one of the busiest weeks of my life! There were so many activities put on to ensure meeting new friends wasn’t daunting, and I soon realised that we were all in the same boat together. I can’t wait for what the next few years of studying have to bring!”


Tim Stratton, BSc Environmental Biology (first year)

Tim Stratton“I was keen to do a biology degree that linked the subject to current world issues such as conservation, human ecology and climate change. The environmental biology course at Nottingham does exactly that, with a great variety of humanitarian, biological and environmental modules. The majority of modules in my first term included regular practical and group work, helping me to consolidate my learning in a fun and sociable environment. The University’s George Green Library is a fantastically well-equipped place to work, with all the books you could ever need along with computer and printing facilities.

Everyone in the School of Biosciences is extremely helpful and friendly, with lecturers being more than happy to provide assistance. In the first week here we were taken on a field trip to Dovedale, in the Peak District, allowing me to “break the ice” and get to know all the people on my course. I am lucky enough to be spending the second year of my course at Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus, opening up a wide variety of study and field trip opportunities as well as discovering a whole range of new cultures - I plan to do some travelling in the holidays. 

Outside of work there are hundreds of different societies and sports to get involved in, with the University rating highly for sports in the UK. I am in the Ultimate Frisbee squad and am a member of the University’s Swing Dancing Society. These both provide a great way to make new friends outside my course.

Nottingham as a city offers a huge amount, with lots of shops and restaurants. Trent Bridge and the Motorpoint Arena host plenty of professional sports fixtures, including regular ice hockey and basketball matches. Rock City is one of the UK’s top venues for live music, with The Kooks, Rudimental and The Libertines having all performed there recently.

My time at Nottingham so far has been great and has provided me with knowledge, experiences and so many amazing opportunities.”


Zoe Chapman, BSc Nutrition and Food Science (first year) 

“Friendliness is the best word to describe why I picked Nottingham University. I admit I had doubts about living further from the city being on Sutton Bonington Campus, but the community feel and general happiness of the whole campus made me feel at ease here right from my open day. Also there are great transport links to Nottingham city centre such as the free hopper buses, which also run between all of Nottingham’s UK campuses. Loughborough is also only a cycle-ride away. 

Another advantage to Sutton Bonington Campus is that the societies here allow you to explore the area.  In the first term I joined the Extreme Ambling Society which holds many local walks, making you really feel part of the area. I also joined the Allotment Society; however, I can’t say my allotment looks brilliant yet, let’s just say its work in progress! The gym at SB (in the Sports Centre) is also great, with many fitness classes to enjoy. 

It did take me a while to choose which course I wanted to study, but I have always had an interest in food and cooking and also in healthcare, meaning the Nutrition and Food Science degree offered at Nottingham is perfect for me.  I felt the course structure was very clear and all the modules sounded really interesting. My highlight of the first year so far has to be a trip that the Food Society held to the Good Food Show in Birmingham. I went with two of my course mates and it was such a great day! Week One has to be another highlight. It’s a great time to get to know people from all different places and there are so many events, there really is something for everyone! 

When I graduate I am looking to work in new product development within the food industry, but first I am so excited about the prospect of a year on an industrial placement, just one of the extras that Nottingham offers and provides a lot of support for. 

Coming to university is scary for most people, including me, but I settled in so quickly and met so many great people right from the start! ”


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