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The project aims to determine the major links throughout the supply chain from the incidence of Fusarium head blight (FHB) in UK and the main species causing the disease through selection of crop variety and agronomy practice to subsequent impact on the functional properties of the barley grain destined for malting and brewing. The project is collaboration between partners with expertise in key sectors from crop breeding and crop protection to farm management and brewing industry.


Partners at meeting held at SAB Miller Jan 2011 


The consortium is industry-led by Velcourt Limited and science- led by the divisions of Plant and Crop Sciences and Food Sciences at The University of Nottingham. The collaborating partners are Harper Adams University College, Syngenta Seeds Limited, Syngenta Crop Protection UK Limited, Openfield Limited and SABMiller plc.

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Fusarium growth on infected grain


The SAFEMalt project comprises four major phases of research: 1. Barley survey to identify the predominant Fusarium/ Microdochium species causing FHB disease in the UK,
2. Efficacy of fungicide treatments and timing of fungicide application for FHB control,
3. Evaluation of FHB susceptibility / resistance in UK malting barley cultivars,
4. Toolkit for the barley industry- from field to malt.

Handling of barley grain   


Fusarium infection of UK malting barley is on an upwards trend and the strains implicated are diversifying. Such trends are predicted to continue as the effects of global warming become apparent. Currently there is a gap in our knowledge of the impact of key agronomic variables on FHB disease and the malting and brewing quality of the barley crop.




 This project is part funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the BBSRC



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Research - Crop Science:

Rumiana Ray

Research - Brewing Science:     David Cook 

Laurence Archibald


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