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Our brand

In each succeeding age the University will spread the light of learning and knowledge and will bind science and industry in the unity that is so essential for the prosperity of the nation and the welfare of our fellow citizens

Sir Jesse Boot, Founding Benefactor 


Our identity uniquely symbolises the reputation and values we’ve built up over 120 years.

Our story is told with passion and authenticity, and our identity has been crafted to bring our story to life. Every decision builds on the bigger picture. 




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Celebrating our incredible world

The University of Nottingham was founded on a compelling vision that education can transform people’s lives, has great social and economic value and should be accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. 

This vision continues to anchor the educational ethos of our University and drives our strategy. At the heart are our students; ensuring they receive an outstanding research-engaged educational experience has always been and will continue to be the focus of our collective efforts – preparing and equipping them to shape the world for the better.

Our values

We will:

  • put students at the heart of all we do
  • support and value our staff to excel
  • focus on quality and excellence
  • value diversity and promote equality
  • think globally, deliver locally, and engage personally
  • sustain our commitment to being, teaching-focused, research intensive and socially responsible
  • enrich our heritage and build on the legacy of Sir Jesse Boot

Expressing our vision

Our identity is present in every piece of communication:

  • Exudes confidence - is powerful and ready for the future
  • Draws on that vision and goals - expressed in our Global Strategy 2020
  • Showcases celebrates and drives - our global connections
  • Curates the extraordinary work that we do and celebrates the remarkable people who do it
  • Captures and reflects our many strengths
  • Invites our audience to be part of something special and unique
  • Embodies our fantastic spaces and places

Our big idea distils all our thinking into a simple powerful statement that embodies and underpins everything we do:

A world beyond ordinary


Our world beyond ordinary

Our powerful narrative:

  • The world of the University of Nottingham is a truly exceptional one
  • A world defined by a pioneering spirit, global connections and stunning campuses
  • Where lives are transformed, potential is unlocked and curious minds are stretched further
  • From our unique position, we are defining the world around us
  • We have the courage to experiment and ambition to push the boundaries of knowledge
  • We are creating endless opportunities around the globe

Our strengths

These embody and support a world beyond ordinary, which are rooted in our heritage, all that we do, and make us stand apart as an incredible institution.

  • Pioneering spirit - we are curious, forward-thinking and visionary 
  • Unlock potential - in our world, potential is both unlocked and limitless
  • Globally connected - in our global community connections have no boundaries
  • Transform lives - we improve lives for the better and shape the future

An image to illustrate our strengths



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