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Our fonts give you the tools to make an impact.

Ensuring our fonts are used correctly ensures our identity remains strong and recognisable across a wealth of communications.

Page spread in the Undergraduate prospectus

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More information

Circular – our primary font

We use Circular in various weights to display everything from headlines that pack a punch to body copy. 

It gives us huge flexibility, allowing us to be playful, grown up or restrained. The multiple weights allow our communications to flex to suit our various audiences.



Licences for Circular are managed by Corporate Marketing but cannot be issued to third parties. Corporate Marketing can also advise you on the licence agreement. 

Third-party suppliers can purchase Circular from lineto.com.


When setting copy in Chinese, we use YaHei. To use the Chinese font please contact Corporate Marketing.


Arvo – our secondary font

Arvo allows us to tailor our communications, adding touches of character and reflecting the University’s heritage.

It should be used sparingly in quotes, pull-out text and call to actions to give us the flexibility to make our message stand out.



Arvo is a free Google font and can be downloaded from fonts.google.com.


System fonts

The primary fonts are for use in professionally designed materials. 

For Microsoft packages and instances where a font licence does not exist, complementary equivalents are available. 

Replacement fonts
Primary fontSystem font substitution
Circular Black and Bold

Arial Bold and Arial Bold Italic

Circular Medium and Book

Arial Regular and Arial Italic

Arvo and Arvo Bold

Georgia Bold and Georgia Bold Italic

Arvo Regular

Georgia Regular and Georgia Italic


Video font

When using our primary font Circular, always use a sufficient contrast between the text and the background. Do not add drop shadows, an outline or stroke to the text. 

The text should be of sufficient size to be readable at a normal viewing distance (computer screen, iPhone etc) for the target device. 

Arvo can be used for student generated content and to enhance creativity in unstandardised videos.



The way we set our text is vital to ensure a consistent and strong identity.

Download the typography guide (PDF) 




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