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Video outros

It is important we include consistent endings to our videos that adhere to brand guidelines. Below you can find details of the different options available.

Call to action

It is important to include a clear call to action at the end of a video. This can be anything from 'Book now' to 'More information' or a hashtag.

If the University logo has not been used at the beginning of the video then it must appear at the end of the video.

There are four possible endings to choose from – please find examples below.


More information

Primary ending

Please use the main logo on the blue gradient background where possible. The hex codes for the three-point gradient strip can be found below, and the gradient itself can be downloaded here.

#009bbd – #007ca7 – #005597 – #1a296b – #18194f

 to replace off centre logos- CTA


Secondary ending – A

If our logo will be followed by a third party logo, please use the primary version of the logo on white.

Secondary ending- a

Please find further information on using a third party logo here, and an example of the logo in use below:


Secondary ending – B

If you wish to place a larger amount of text on the same end screen, please use one of the following examples below:

 secondary ending- b

Please see an example of the secondary ending in use below:


Tertiary ending

Please use the full logo animation after a clear call to action, if the video is long enough to permit this. Please see the logo animation sequence for more information. 

logo animation


YouTube end screen and cards

Please leave space at the end of the video if it is intended for release on YouTube, with the aim to drive traffic to a University of Nottingham webpage. 

Please find below an example of a YouTube end screen. This is where a playlist or video must be embedded within the video, before YouTube will allow a link to be added to a University web page. Please allow at least 10 seconds for these to play out at the end.

YouTube end screen example

Please see an example a YouTube end screen below:

Alternatively YouTube cards can be used at the end of the video to direct people to a University webpage. These cards can be used throughout the video if you would like to add additional calls to action.

YouTube will not allow a link until a single video or playlist has been embedded. Please allow at least five seconds for these to play out at the end. The ending of the video will need adapting to suit the desired calls to action, and search 'end screens' in YouTube help for up to date guidance. 

Youtube cards

 Please see an example of a YouTube card below:



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