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Briggs brewhouse

Research Overview

The University of Nottingham is a centre of excellence for brewing technologies and research, based within the Division of Food Sciences. Our scientists work with the brewing industry to meet the challenges of the 21st century; researching novel process developments targeted towards increased sustainability, efficient resource usage and minimising waste or effluents. The approach is truly multi-disciplinary, providing new solutions by bringing together expertise in crop science, malting, brewing, engineering, novel materials and environmental science.



  • 10 hL pilot scale brewery 
  • Micromalting facilities
  • 35 L Briggs brewhouse for experimental wort production.
  • 9 x 10 L fermentation vessels (state of the art research tools; computer controlled with online monitoring of fermentation parameters).
  • Extensive brewing research laboratories and analytical facilities
  • Outstanding flavour research laboratories and sensory science centre with specialist ‘beer panel’.
  • University farm, extensive glasshouse and growth room facilities in Plant & Crop Sciences
  • State of the art genomic and proteomic facilities


Research Team Members 

Brewing Science Research Team
Joanne Hort

Prof. Joanne Hort

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Chris Boulton

Prof. Chris Boulton

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David Cook

Dr David Cook

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Chris Powell

Dr Chris Powell

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Chenyu Du

Dr Chenyu Du

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