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Andrea Pilava

MSc Banking & Finance (Nottingham), BA (Hons) Finance, Accounting & Management (Nottingham)


Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2014
Expected Completion Date: /09/2017

Primary Funding Source:
Graduate Teaching Assistant in Industrial Economics and Finance

Research Topic:
Does Basel III mean the end of using Loan Loss Provisions as an income smoothing and capital management tool in the European banking sector?

Research Details:
In the current banking literature Loan Loss Provisions and the cyclicality of bank capital have been researched independently. Thus, the purpose of my research is to merge these two themes by developing an empirical model which will estimate the impact of the Basel III counter-cyclical buffer on the loan loss provisioning hypotheses. Therefore, the empirical results will provide evidence of the true economic impact of the Basel III capital requirements and a forward loan loss provisioning model and whether these measures are capable of achieving the permanent financial stability of the European banking sector.

Research Supervisor/s: Rodion Skovoroda and Robert Webb

Division: Industrial Economics and Finance

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