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Karsten Cox

MBA, BA (Hons) Business Studies


Current Status: Submitted
Year of Registration: 2009
Expected Completion Date: /09/2015

Research Topic:
Dynamics of Persistent Supply Chain Failure

Research Details:
Here we are concerned with a type of supply chain failure that occurs when a supplier fails persistently to provide the level of quality and delivery performance expected or specified in an agreed contract. Persistent supply failure is observed in industries where there is a lack of substitute suppliers with adequate design capability and/or capacity, potentially high switching costs, and regulatory and accreditation issues. By conducting multiple case studies within the aerospace industry, we seek to understand and explain the nature of this phenomenon. Causal loop diagrams are developed to capture and illustrate the underlying processes and how they interact.
CurrentTeaching: Procurement Manager - Hitachi Information Control Systems

Research Supervisor/s: Bart MacCarthy and Katri Karjalainen

Division: Operations Management and Information Systems

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