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Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme

The Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) is an annual business plan competition designed to raise awareness of commercialisation among researchers. YES was developed and is delivered by a partnership between the Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

During the Biotechnology YES workshops, teams of participants are challenged to prepare an oral business plan presentation for a hypothetical company. As well as developing the participants' ability to commercialise an idea, the process also enhances their entrepreneurial skills and widens their exposure to the bioscience industry.

Read the 2014 YES competition press release.

Past winners of Biotechnology YES:

SenzaSeeds Ltd

University of Leicester

The 2014 Biotechnology YES winners had an idea to produce naturally caffeine free coffee without loss of flavour. The team took away £2,500 for their efforts.

Senza Seeds

Nutec Ltd

University of Liverpool

Nutec won the 2013 Biotechnology YES competition with their concept for a diet aid that acts to reduce the uptake of dietary sugar into the bloodstream. Kelly Ward from the team has since gone on to present Nutec’s business idea at the 2014 Rice Business Plan competition in Houston, Texas. 

 NutecLtd at Biotechnology YES 2013


For more details about the competition and to register your interest in taking part, please visit the Biotechnology YES web site.


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