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UK's largest entrepreneurship competition

Three day conference

£100,000+ prize fund

Ingenuity17 is the University of Nottingham’s (UoN) annual, tri-campus entrepreneurship competition.  Open to all UoN undergraduates, postgraduates, alumni and early stage researchers in the UK, Malaysia and Ningbo. 

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Ingenuity 17 Emma Hartley

Ingenuity17 is absolutely amazing. Being a part of and winning means that I can start developing my product and the electronics inside of it; and get it market ready.

To anyone thinking of applying to Ingenuity18 - I’d say definitely do it! Even if you don’t get to the Top 20, the Conference and connections you make are invaluable. 

Emma Hartley | (Product Design and Manufcture, 2015), Pulse AED


The Ingenuity17 Competition

The Winners
Vice-Chancellor’sEntrepreneurial Potential Prize Hungry Panda
Ingenuity17 Competition 1st Prize Pulse AED
Ingenuity17 Competition 2nd Prize Thorne Goalkeeping
Ingenuity17 Competition 3rd Prize Nutri2Go

Key Dates

Friday 27 January 2017, Midnight (GMT)

Registration Deadline 

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 22 February 2017

UNNC Boot Camp

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February 2017

UNMC Boot Camp

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 February 2017


Friday 10 March 2017, Midnight (GMT)

Business Plan Submission

Monday 27 - Thursday 30 March 2017

First Group of Pitches

Monday 3 April 2017

Final Pitches for Top 5

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Prize Giving Ceremony 


The Ingenuity17 Conference (UK only)

The Ingenuity Lab will take over the Trent Building for three days of ideas development, where you will attend development sessions and hear from inspirational speakers and mentors.  

The event will take participants ideas and develop them towards being market ready products or services.  You will be assisted by industry experts, specialist academics as well as peers.  

The final day will end with hundreds of practice pitches, as teams compete to win specialist mentoring support in preperation for the March pitches.

Bootcamp (1)


Ingenuity17 Conference Guest Speakers 

Friday 17 February - Session 1

Dr David Park                    

Director of Newpark Ltd

Newpark Ltd

Sarah Iqbal

Head of Digital Health of Biotaware

Biotaware Ltd

Keynote Speaker

Judy Naaké High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire High Sheriff

Friday 17 February - Session 2

Mel Berry

Director of Very Berry Sports Marketing Ltd

Very Berry Sports Marketing Ltd

Susan Hallam Director of Hallam Internet Hallam Internet

Saturday 18 February - Session 3

Tori Murphy Director of Tori Murphy Ltd Tori Murphy Ltd

Professor David Falzani

Director of Polaris Associates Ltd Polaris Associates Ltd

Keynote Speaker

Jonny Pryn Director of One Third Stories One Third Stories

Saturday 18 February - Session 4

Dr Tony Flinn Founder of Onyx Scientific Ltd Onyx Scientific Ltd 
Mitchell Fasanya Director of Fanbytes Fanbytes

The Business Plan Competition

Following the Ingenuity Conference, there will be time to develop your business plan for entry to the competition.  

Entrants will be asked to complete an online form, which will then be independently assessed in the UK. 

The Top 20 will be invited to attend three days of pitching in order to find the winners, who will share in the £100,000 prize fund. 

Overseas finalists will pitch via video.  



Who can enter the competition?

Businesses must be majority owned by a University of Nottingham student, alumni or early stage researcher.  Non UoN applicants may only do so as part of a UoN team.  
Is there a limit on the age of the business?
Businesses over 3 years old are not able to enter.
How many people can I have in my team?

Teams are limited to 5 people and all entrants must ensure that participation does not affect their academic work.

Please Note: Business advisors/mentors can not be included as part of your team.

Can I enter if I was awarded prize as part of a previous competition?
Those who made Top 3 in previous Ingenuity Lab competitions (Ingenuity16, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Ingenuity Prize) are not eligible to apply, unless the business activity has not been presented before.  
Is the participation compulsory on the pitch day and the conference days? 

Overseas entrants will not be required to travel to the UK to enter.  There will be localised development events delivered for participants in Ningbo and Malaysia.  However, all applications, business entries, pitches and the Awards Ceremony will be in the UK.  Participant in Ningbo or Malasia will be asked to pitch via video.

UK entrants must attend the pitch day and it is compulsory for at least the team leader to attend the Ingenuity17 conference. However, due to numbers you may not be able to bring all your team to the Ingenuity17 Conference. 

Will my team be disqualified if we a team member is unable to make the conference?

We expect every team member to attend the conference as teams will receive a great deal of literature and support, that will enable them to develop their business plan, and ultimately help them understand their business idea and the direction they wish for it to go.

Should a member of the team be unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, please contact The Ingenuity Lab team to discuss: ingenuitylab@nottingham.ac.uk

Please Note: If successful, all team members must be able to made the dates for the competition pitches and the Prize Giving Ceremony.

What is the prize allocation for UNMC/UNNC applicants?
£10,000 is available and is usually shared between teams. This prize is provided by the University’s Asia Business Centre.
Who can enter Ingenuity17 as a Nottingham Advantage Award scheme module?
UK Nottingham University Business Undergraduates and Postgraduates only.

Should we focus on the UK market and more specifically on Nottingham if we are developing a service, or our business idea can be based abroad?

Your business ideas can be based on either the UK market or abroad.


Become an Ingenuity Lab Member today

If you have any questions about the competition, contact the Ingenuity Lab. Good Luck from all at The Ingenuity Lab!


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