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Yoop (YOur OPinion) is a web and mobile app to rate the quality of internet content and expose fake news. On Yoop you can quickly rate content, share it with friends and discover content rated by others. It's your personalised newspaper or TV channel, showing high-quality, trusted content you are interested in.     

Yoop is where your opinions matter: let others know what is or isn't worth their time, influence what they see and shape how they see it.

Dr Mattia Fosci | Direcor, Yoop (LLM and PhD International Law, 2014)


Fun Fact from Yoop 

We have an extremely diverse and politically correct team. There is 6 of us, 3 men and 3 women (perfect gender balance), 6 different nationalities, 4 religions, 4 different degrees and we cover the whole political spectrum!

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