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Delivering Strategy Through Storytelling Masterclass

Does your strategy deliver the growth, the difference, the outcomes, that your company needs?

This masterclass will enable you to open up your strategy-making, identify the stories that are driving or even derailing your strategy, give voice to more of the people you lead, to improve strategic buy-in and to energise different values and bring new perspectives into your longer-term strategy-making.


This one day masterclass is designed to enable you to find the strategy narrative in your organisation and bring new perspectives to the development of strategies and plans.

By attending this masterclass you will:

  • develop your understanding the strategy narratives and storytelling in your own organisation
  • be able to cultivate storytelling as a form of strategic practice to enhance strategic buy-in and energise different values and perspectives into your strategy-making
  • be equipped to develop improved strategies within your organisation.
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Delivered by:

Jeannie Holstein
Dr Jeannie Holstein
Jeannie Holstein is Assistant Professor in Strategic and Public Sector Management, Nottingham University Business School. 

Jeannie combines an interest in practically relevant topics such as the role of language, openness and participation in strategic change and strategy-making with a theoretical interest in discursive and narrative processes.

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She has presented her work at a number of leading international academic conferences and has published in Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, European Management Review, and in The Cambridge Handbook of Open Strategy.

She received her PhD from Nottingham University Business School in 2015, where she also completed her MBA and holds a BA (Hons) Modern History from University of Oxford.

Prior to her academic career she worked as a business strategist in the ceramics industry, running the UK subsidiary of a German plc, among other roles, and then as a management consultant in the Higher Education sector. 

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The masterclass

This interactive masterclass is structured into a series of scenes to open up the strategy making in your organisation.

Scene I - Creating multiple storylines in small groups from past to present

Working in small groups, you are given the task of crafting a specific storyline from a selected key event in the organisational past to the present. To ensure a variety of viewpoints, the groups craft stories belonging to specific genres or story-types.

Scene II - Creating a shared future story

Groups share their stories to the rest of the class– this can be through telling the story or through a performance. The audience members take notes during this, focusing on similarities and discontinuities with their own group’s story. Part of this process is to collect key lessons learnt. 

Using imagery, participants work together to create a representation of key events or actions that are required to reach a chosen strategic outcome


The workshop concludes with a reflective discussion, focusing on next steps and responsibilities with the organisation.




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