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Winning Business Growth

Develop the processes and systems to move your business into a fuller operational framework as it gains size and scale.


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About the masterclass

Our Winning Business Growth masterclass will show how to achieve scale-up success and influence business growth.


You will learn new approaches to support your key business goals, impact change and embrace challenges that growth can bring in today’s complex environment.

Through a unique mentoring programme that runs throughout the masterclass, you will be given a fantastic opportunity to engage with successful growth entrepreneurs who will share their techniques for success. Alongside cutting-edge research from the University of Nottingham, our masterclass will provide you with the very latest understanding of what drives business success, leads business growth and promotes impactful results.

The masterclass will also establish peer learning and support groups to help broaden your experience.

Who should attend this masterclass?

This in-depth masterclass is for CEOs, chairpersons, and key managers of companies that employ 15 or more people and are seeking to scale-up the number of employees within the organisation while achieving sustainable business growth. 


Winning Business Growth co-creators share how this masterclass can help you and your business achieve scale-up success


The masterclass is built around four key themes:

  • Current status of your business 

  • Your aspirations and future ambitions

  • Shaping you to build your business

  • Planning and road-mapping against your vision

Research has proven time and again that strong mentoring relationships support business break-through.

Professor David Falzani MBE

Participant fee: £4,995
20% discount for University of Nottingham alumni

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How can the Winning Business Growth masterclass help you and your business?

The masterclass will provide attendees with:

  • a well-constructed growth plan, a toolbox of key management techniques and the ability to use them in the real world
  • increased confidence to act, focus and drive the business forward
  • new insight and a better understanding of the business
  • increased self-awareness and understanding of your personal development plan
  • access to a network of mentors, specialists and entrepreneurs
  • a greater understanding of the processes and systems needed to move the business into a fuller operational framework as it gains size and scale
  • stronger leadership skills and behaviours, empowering people development
  • an improved leadership team working together towards a more successful future
Masterclass structure and content

The masterclass takes place over an eight week period in three distinct stages.

First stage 

A two-day face-to-face masterclass in Spring 2021 (tbc) at the University of Nottingham.

Day 1

  • Introduction and overview of programme
  • What factors influence small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) growth?
  • Introduction to the business mentors
  • Analysis of the market opportunity
  • Evening dinner and networking

Day 2

  • Strategic sales
  • Personal development planning
  • Strategy in business
  • This session will revise each delegate’s understanding of some key concepts of strategy including:
  • goal setting
  • strategy development process
  • visioning, reviewing, scanning, optioning
  • themes to thrusts
  • thrust to action plans
  • bringing it all together: a winning business plan

Second stage 

Interim masterclass activity. 

The period between the two face-to-face stages is an important time to develop your personal and business plan toolkit. This masterclass is unique in providing you with ongoing support from your mentor to support this activity.

In addition we will schedule a number of masterclasses in topics which are important to your business in the form of one hour webinars (30 minutes presentation and 30 minutes questions and answers). There will be one webinar per week covering the following topics:

  • Using social media to increase web presence and connect to customers
  • Preparing your business for exit
  • Peer to peer opportunities
  • Negotiations
  • The role of non-executive directors
  • Sustainability

Third stage

A final two-day masterclass in Spring 2021 (tbc)  at the University of Nottingham where delegates will create their winning business and personal development plan.

Day 3

  • Importance of leadership in business
  • Finance and cash management: advanced toolbox for business.
  • Growth capital
  • Evening dinner and networking

Day 4

  • Business process management: processes, data and systems
  • Individuals work on processes planning for their own business
  • Recruitment, human resources and the law
  • Bringing it all together: strategy into action!

This session is the culmination of the masterclass where delegates can take all the learning advice and guidance to build a comprehensive strategy covering all the areas of the business including processes and people with a roadmap for their own personal development. Delegates will be supported to convert strategy to a set of actions and to present the plan in a structured and coherent format.

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