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What our participants say

We work with a breadth of clients from international organisations to national companies and SME business owners.

Our partnership approach means that we have worked with some clients over several years.  

Below is a sample of what they have to say about their experience on programmes.

Gleeds Leadership Programme

We have been working with Gleeds since June 2015 on their Leadership Programme aimed at directors across the Group across the UK and beyond. 

Insights from the directors at Gleeds

"Gleeds has doubled in size over the past few years, it is 130 years old and continues to invest globally across 22 countries. The University of Nottingham has supported the director leadership team to grow with the business and put us in position to continue to successfully evolve. The feedback from our people has been enormously positive." Stuart Senior, Main Board Director, Gleeds

"I have had leadership development coaching and training before but the content on this programme was still stimulating and provided greater context to the leadership topic and will reinforce my understanding of how I need to develop." Director, Gleeds

"It was the most interesting and effective two days I have had for a very long time. Well-conceived and delivered and genuinely life changing for me, the others and the whole of Gleeds." Director, Gleeds

Tarmac Leadership Programme

We have worked with Tarmac for several years now and have designed and delivered a variety of programmes, the principal programme being their Agile Leaders Programme aimed at senior leaders within the business based across the UK.   

Insights from senior leaders at Tarmac about their experience on the Agile & Transformational Leadership Programme

A strategic leadership programme designed specifically for Tarmac

"The quality of the presenters, content and organisation was first rate and has positively influenced my thinking and impact as a leader. It was fantastic to be involved. I am, of course, using the content to support my day to day leadership but also using it to develop my team."

"The programme running over 9 months allowed the formation of strong bonds between cohort members but especially among our Business Challenge Team and the trios. It also helped with embedding the learning."

"I have certainly benefited from the course and consciously changed elements of my leadership style and acknowledge the value of reflective and longer term strategic thinking."

"An excellent three days, thought-provoking, useful tools and frameworks that I can apply and help me be a better leader. The learning sets have been hugely valuable in increasing my insight, understanding and developing a greater network that will help me be more effective."

Growth 100

Growth 100  was a programme specifically designed for SME buiness owners to fit around the needs of running a business with twelve one-day practical sessions delivered over a nine month period.

The workshops were geared towards how the business leader creates and manages growth covering topics such as leadership, innovation, finance, HR, sales and marketing using a combination of business theory supported by real life examples from business mentors. 

The programme ran for three consecutive years and was followed by the Aspire to Grow, a similar high growth programme for business owners.

Alliance Boots - High Potential Programme

Similar to Tarmac, the Executive Development team worked with Alliance Boots over several years, designing a range of programmes aimed at executives, senior management and high potential individuals based internationally.

NHS Trust - Invest to Lead Programme

As part of the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust’s ‘Invest to Lead’ Programme, faculty from Nottingham University Business School worked with over 350 delegates using the Ingenuity in Practice creative problem solving tool.

Carefully considered as the group work ‘model of choice’, the Ingenuity Process highlighted in very real time the importance of undertaking a carefully stepped approach to decision making.

Lisa Metcalfe, one of the delegates that worked on the Ingenuity in Practice sessions, came up with a potential new way of working that could potentially save limbs, increase productivity, and improve service users’ outcomes with a direct outcome of the programme being the implementation of a two-part diabetic foot intervention programme.

Further details

Each year a significant number of individuals with diabetes suffer with foot conditions that result in a hospital admission, or at worst, amputation of a limb. The diabetic foot intervention programme was initiated on two units based on an acute hospital site in Nottingham.

This review aimed to establish whether these interventions had any effect on major and minor amputation rates, bed days/cost for foot related problems, access and frequency of preventative podiatry care and patient satisfaction.

The review also aimed to assess the cost of providing the service, as well as monitor the level of referrals from the dialysis units to the local diabetic foot MDT and other specialisms for foot problems. 

The programme is still in progress and to date the intervention has resulted in a drop in amputations and bed days amongst patients, as well as resulting in frequent referrals to the diabetic foot MDT and other specialisms.

The change in working practices has also proven to be more cost effective to provide the podiatry service on the hospital units rather than in clinics and patients’ homes.







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