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Dr Aditya Jain honoured by the American Psychological Association

Aditya Jain early career award WSH 2019

Aditya Jain receives his award in Philadelphia

The American Psychological Association has recognised Dr Aditya Jain with an award for his exceptional early career contribution to the science and practice of occupational health psychology.

Aditya received his Early Career Achievement Award at the 2019 Work, Stress and Health conference in Philadelphia.

The award is given jointly by the American Psychological Association, Society for Occupational Health Psychology and the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Aditya is Associate Professor in Human Resource Management at Nottingham University Business School, and Head of its Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management Division.

Since 2012, he has been the Executive Officer of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology.

Aditya has made an important contribution to Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) research and practice, particularly in relation to policy development. He was one of the lead researchers of the PRIMA-EF (Psychosocial Risk Management – European Framework) policy programme, taking leadership in relation to work on corporate social responsibility and standardisation.

PRIMA-EF guidance and training has been used in several countries in Europe, Brazil, Japan, China, and Australia.

Pioneering work in psychosocial risk management

This work also led to the development of the first standard in the area of psychosocial risk management, Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1010, that was published by the British Standards Institution in 2011. Aditya was a technical co-author of this standard that informed the Canadian national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace and is currently being used in the development of ISO45003, the first international guidance standard on psychosocial risk management. The PRIMA-EF program work supported a 4* impact case study in the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework.

Expertise in mental health in the workplace

Aditya is also co-author of several guidance documents for the European Commission. One example is an interpretative document of European Union legislation and its application to mental health in the workplace, written in 2014. This document is used widely in all EU member states to clarify employer responsibilities. Aditya’s expertise has been acknowledged by the European Commission as well as the World Health Organization, and the International Labour Organization that have appointed him as expert advisor.

Aditya’s work in policy and sustainability, either as principal or co-investigator, has since 2011 attracted national, European and international funding in the range of two million dollars.

His work has been cited over 1500 times since 2012 which is commendable for an early career researcher. Aditya has so far supervised five doctoral students to completion.

He established an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisation at Nottingham University  Business School that is accredited by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

Dr Aditya Jain

Posted on Monday 6th January 2020




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