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PhD student invited as an expert panellist at the European Blockchain Convention

Wafaa Ahmed PhD

The annual convention is the leading blockchain conference for business in Europe, where tech leaders, regulators, investors, corporations, developers and entrepreneurs from the blockchain industry meet.

The Convention was hosted virtually this year with over 1500 delegates from sectors across finance, business, industry, and governments.

Wafaa explains that her work is focused on supply chain applications:

" I have carried out detailed case studies with industry on supply chains as diverse as leather for the automotive industry, batteries for electric vehicles, and upstream supply chains for textile fibres. I have also examined the emerging blockchain ecosystems and consortia such as Pharmaledger, MOBI in transportation, and Tradelens in logistics. My analysis is helping me to generate a decision model to identify how and where blockchain can be applied."

"Speaking on the expert panel has confirmed the relevance of my approach and it has also brought a number of new case studies with high profile companies."

Wafaa's PhD supervisors at Nottingham University Business School are Bart MacCarthy, Professor of Operations Management, and Sanja Petrovic, Professor of Operational Research.

Professor Bart MacCarthy said:

From its origins in crypto-currencies a decade ago, the blockchain concept has blossomed. Blockchain technologies have now become a megatrend and are poised to fundamentally affect sectors including financial services, pharma, personal identification and security online.

Our research is focused on where the physical product and digital information worlds collide - how blockchain technologies will affect supply chains. Can they enable greater product traceability, assurance of product provenance, and enhance overall supply chain sustainability?

Wafaa’s invitation to contribute as a panellist to this prestigious international event is a testament to her mastery of the technical concepts and their business relevance. With the work she has done to date on her PhD, she was able to convey deep insights to the user communities across business and industry on routes to adoption and the potential pitfalls in different supply chains.


Posted on Wednesday 30th September 2020




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