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Social media in business innovation


In a special collection of articles published by MIT Sloan Management Review, Nottingham's Associate Professor in Marketing Dr Deborah Roberts explores the role of social media in business innovation.

Research on social media use for new product development by companies in Europe and the United States by Deborah L. Roberts and Frank T. Piller found that the promises of social media as a means of supporting product launches, gaining customer insights, and accessing knowledge are not always realised.

Without a vision and dedicated strategy, companies are likely to be disappointed by social media's potential benefits for product development. The authors say that by picking the best approach for your company, social media offers a game-changing opportunity.

Read or download the full article in MIT Sloan Management Review - Getting Product Development Right

Finding the Right Role for Social Media in Innovation



Dr Deborah Roberts

Nottingham University Business School


Posted on Thursday 21st April 2016




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