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Professor Robert Caruana

Undergraduate Business Administration, DipRes, PhD (ESRC Scholarship)
Professor of Business Ethics/Responsible Business

Division: Strategy and International Business
Centre/Institute: International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466798
Location: B09 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Robert Caruana is a Professor of Business Ethics at Nottingham University Business School. His research explores issues of morality, responsibility, freedom and power in corporate and consumer discourse.

Areas of Expertise
Corporate and consumer responsibility. Modern slavery. Discourse analysis.

Administrative Roles
ICCSR - Director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Robert is module convenor of the following modules:


Business Ethics and Sustainability (BUSI3182)


Business Ethics (BUSI4576)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

My research focuses on the moral dimensions of the corporations, markets and consumers. I am particularly interested in how concepts such as responsibility, exploitation and freedom are shaped by corporate and consumer actors. I have traditionally pursued these questions in the context of tourism markets, where there are significant social and environmental tensions, though am increasingly interested in extreme labor exploitation in other contexts. In this I have adopted discursive modes of investigation, which has enabled insights into how responsibility knowledge is produced by corporations, consumers and other public actors through spoken, written and visual texts.

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Caruana, R.; Chatzidakis, A. (2013), "Consumer Social Responsibility (CnSR): Towards A Multi-Level, Multi-Agent Conceptualization of the "Other CSR"", Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.113 (4), pp. 1-16, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-013-1739-6.

Roper, S.; Caruana, R.; Medway, D.; Murphy, P. (2013), "Constructing luxury bands: exploring the role of consumer discourse", European Journal of Marketing, Vol.47 (3/4), pp. 375-400.

Caruana, R.; Crane, A. (2011), "Getting away from it all: exploring freedom in tourism", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol.38 (4), pp. 1495-151.

Caruana, R.; Crane, A. (2008), "Constructing consumer responsibility: exploring the role of corporate communications", Organization Studies, Vol.29 (12), pp. 1495-1519.

Caruana, R.; Crane, A.; Fitchett, J. (2008), "Paradoxes of consumer independence: a critical discourse analysis of the independent traveller", Marketing Theory, Vol.8 (3), pp. 253-272.

Caruana, R. (2007), "Morality in consumption: towards a multidisciplinary perspective,' Journal of Marketing Management", Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.23, pp. 207-225.

Caruana, R. (2007), "A Sociological Perspective of Consumption Morality", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol.6/5, pp. 287-304.


Caruana, R.; Singleton, S.; Hibbert, S.; Le Beller, M. 2013, "Corporate-Consumer Communication: Exploring Dialogue and Dialectics.", at The Co-Construction of Citizenship, EGOS, Toronto..

Singleton, S.; Hibbert, S.; Caruana, R. 2012, "From Monologue to Dialogue: Mapping Dialogical Traditions within Co-Creation and Corporate Social Responsibility.", at Corporate Responsibility Research Conference, BEM - Bordeaux Management School. Best paper prize.

Singleton, S.; Hibbert, S.; Caruana, R. 2012, "Co-creating CSR Knowledge in Corporate-Consumer Communication: From Monologue to Dialogue", at International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing, Nottingham Trent University. Best paper prize..

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Caruana, R. Crane, A., Gold, S. & LeBaron, G. (2020), "Modern Slavery in Business: The Sad and Sorry State of a Non-Field", Business and Society.

Caruana, R., Glozer, S and Eckhardt, G. (2019), "'Alternative Hedonism': Exploring the Role of Pleasure in Moral Markets", Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming 2019.

Glozer, S.; Caruana, R.; Hibbert, S. (2018), "The Never-Ending Story: Discursive Legitimation in Social Media Dialogue", Organization Studies, pp. 1-26.

Ingram, C.; Caruana, R.; McCabe, S. (2017), "PARTicipative Inquiry for Tourist Experience", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol.65, pp.13-24.

Caruana, R.; Carrington, M.; Chatzidakis, A. (2016), "Beyond the attitude-behaviour gap: novel perspectives in consumer ethcis (Introduction to the Research Symposium)", Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.6(2), 215-219, DOI 10.1007/s10551-014-2444-9.

Fitchett, J.; Caruana, R. (2015), "Exploring the Role of Discourse in Marketing and Consumer Research", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol.14(1), 1-12.

Caruana, R.; Glozer, S.; Crane, A.; McCabe, S. (2014), "Tourists Accounts of Responsible Tourism", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol.46, pp. 115-129.

Chapters in Books

Caruana, R, (2018), "The Role of Discourse Analysis in Researching Severe Labour Exploitation, proceedings of the British Academy", Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018.

Caruana, R. (2018), "The Role of Discourse Analysis in Researching Severe Labour Exploitation", in Researching Forced Labour in the Global Economy Methodological Challenges and Advances, Oxford University Press.


Caruana, R.; Crane, A,; Ingram, C. 2018, "Modern Slavery: The Role of Prototypes in Categorizing Extreme Labor Exploitation", in Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings.



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