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Dr Robert Webb

BA (Hons) (LMU), PhD (Anglia Ruskin)
Associate Professor in Banking

Division: Finance, Risk and Banking
Centre/Institute: Centre for Risk, Banking and Financial Services
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8230588
Location: C14 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Rob joined the University of Nottingham in 2013 and is currently Associate Dean for Global Engagement and Recruitment. Prior to this role Rob was Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes where he worked with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the growth and quality of the Business Schools postgraduate provision.

In terms of research, Rob investigates applied economic issues which have not had the attention of the mainstream. He has written numerous chapters and a book on banking as well as publishing widely in leading international journals such as: Journal of Business Ethics; International Review of Financial Analysis; Human Relations and Environment and Planning A. More recently Rob has been examining perceptions of the value of Higher Education in the UK. In the past he has been an editor of a journal and consultant for Marsh plc, Zurich plc and the Chartered Institute of Bankers

Research Interests
Banking; Pensions; Behaviour and Risk Reporting in Financial Institutions; Mortgage Equity Withdrawal in the UK housing market; Loan Supply by Banks during the financial crisis; Risk Managament in Financial Instititions; Organisational Behaviour; Economics of Higher Education

Administrative Roles
Associate Dean for Global Engagement and Recruitment
I am module convenor of the following modules:


Bank Theory, Operations and Management (N14195)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

Current Research Activities
I am currently working with Duncan Watson and Steve Cook on modelling attitudes to Higher Education in the UK, with Roman Matousek on FINTECH and with Kalsoom Jaffar and Patrick Ring on the balance sheets of leading UK banks since 1945.
I am currently supervising the following Research Students:

Andrea Pilava
Giulia Fusi
Xiaotian Wang

Publications prior to 2005

Publications prior to 2005

Journal Articles

Webb, R. (2003), "Levels of Relative Efficiency in Large UK Banks: A DEA Window Analysis", International Journal of the Economic of Business, Vol.10 (3), pp. 305-322.

Webb, R.; Beck, K.; McKinnon, R. (2003), "Problems and Limitations of Institutional Investor Participation in Corporate Governance'", Corporate Governance: An International Journal, Vol.11 (1).

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Webb, R.; Nawaz, S.; McKinnon, R. (2002), "Informal and Formal Money Transfer Networks: Financial Service or Financial Crime?", Vol.5 (4).

Publications from 2005 to the present day

Journal Articles

Chen, Z.; Matousek, R.; Stewart, C.; Webb, R. (2019), "Do rating agencies exhibit herding behaviour? Evidence from sovereign ratings", International Review of Financial Analysis, forthcoming 2019.

Cook, S; Watson, D; Webb, R. (2018), "It's just not worth a damn! Investigating attitudes towards the financial value of attending university", Studies in Higher Education, forthcoming 2018.

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Webb, R.; Bryce, C.; Watson, D. (2010), "The Effect of Building Society Demutualisation on Levels of Relative Efficiency at Large UK Commercial Banks", Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance, Vol.18 (4), pp. 333-355, Paper received the 'Highly commended Award' from the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance.

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Webb, R. (2013), Economics Express: Financial Institutions & Markets, Pearson Education..

Chapters in Books

Webb, R. (2013), "Financial Institutions and Markets", in Griffiths, A. and Wall, S. (ed) Applied Economics, (1999 2001 2004 2007 2011) FT Prentice Hall. Harlow..

Discussion Papers

Wang, X.; Barakat, A., Webb, R. 2017, "The Determinants of Cross-Border Syndicated Loans from Chinese Banks",



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