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Professor Sue Tempest

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BA (CNAA), MBA (Nottingham), PhD (Nottingham)
Professor of Strategic Management and Learning

Division: Strategy and International Business
Tel: +44 (0) 115 9515553
Location: B32 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Sue Tempest is Professor of Strategic Management and Learning at Nottingham University Business School, The University of Nottingham, UK. She received her PhD in organisational learning and MBA from the University of Nottingham.

Her research interests include: organizational learning and management education; strategy and new forms of organization and resultant career issues; the impact of demographic ageing on strategic management.

She has published in journals such as Academy of Management Learning & Education, Organization Science, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Long Range Planning, Management Learning and European Management Review.

Research Interests
Strategic Management and Organizational Learning; Management Education and Business Schools; Careers and Social Capital; Strategy and New Organizational Forms; Ageing, Strategy and Careers.

Administrative Roles
Co-Dean (Interim) of the Nottingham University Business School
Current Research Activities
My research interests include: organizational learning; management education; strategy and new forms of organization and resultant career issues; demographic ageing and strategic management.

I am currently collaborating with colleagues on further work on ageing and organisations, following the publication of our paper (2014) 'Gendered Ageism and Organizational Routines at Work: The Case of Day-Parting in Television Broadcasting', Organization Studies, 35, 11 1585-1604. I am looking at business education and business school strategy in collaboration with Professor Ken Starkey and Christophe Lejeune.

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Hatchuel, A.; Starkey, K.; Tempest, S.; Le Masson, P. (2010), "Strategy as innovative design: An emerging perspective?", Advances in Strategic Management, Vol.27, pp.3-28, DOI:10.1108/S0742-3322(2010)0000027004.

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Reports for external body

Starkey, K.; Tempest, S. 2001, "The World-Class Business School: A UK Perspective", in Report for the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, London.

Chapters in Books

Tempest, S.; Barnatt, C.; Coupland, C. (2010), "Grey Power: Developing older customer strategies", in Kohlbacher, F and Herstatt, C (ed) The Silver Market Phenomenon: Marketing and Innovation in the Aging Society, pp. 203-216, Springer, Second Edition.

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Discussion Papers

Howorth, C.; Tempest, S. 2003, "Reloading the Matrix: The case for Multiple Paradigm Methodologies in Entrepreneurship Research", Nottingham University Business School Discussion Paper, Nottingham University Business School, VIII.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Starkey, K; Tempest, S; Cinque, S. (2019), "Management education and the theatre of the absurd", Management Learning, forthcoming 2019.

Lejeune, C,; Starkey, K,; Kalika, M; Tempest, S,;, (2018), "The impact of business schools: increasing the range of strategic choices", Management International, Vol.23 (2), pp. 88-98.

Tempest, S.; Coupland, C. (2017), "Lost in time and space: Temporal and Spatial Challenges facing older workers in a global economy from a career capital perspective", International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.28(15), pp. 2159-2183, DOI; 10.1080/09585192.2015.1128455.

Barnatt, C.; Starkey, K.; Tempest, S. (2016), "Remember Icarus: Seven risks that threaten business schools", Journal of Future Studies, Vol.21(1), 63-76.

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Spedale, S. and Tempest, S. 2019, "Constituting institutions in visual communication: The contribution of a Barthesian perspective to the analysis of institutional maintenance and change", in Academy of Management Conference.

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Starkey, K.; Tempest, S. 2015, "The narrative of the Business School: A deconstructionist and design perspective,", at EFMD Special Interest Group on design theory, Paris, 9th November.



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