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PhD subject group - Accounting

Expertise in accounting is among the School’s particular strengths and members of this group conduct research in many aspects of both accounting and law and publish widely in distinguished journals.

Accounting staff have specific expertise in:

  • market-based accounting research
  • voluntary disclosure
  • corporate governance
  • management accounting and control
  • legal systems in developing countries
  • financial accounting
  • accounting history
  • accounting education and taxation

The group offers expert supervision and support for students taking the PhD Accounting and holds regular seminars and workshops with visiting scholars in the field.

Priority research areas

  • Corporate Governance and Legal Development in Business.

    This includes ongoing research to examine executive remuneration, ownership structure and boards of directors in Chinese companies and financial institutions.

    Legal developments in China and in Asian business in general.

    International trade and the role of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).


  • Management Accounting and Performance Measurement

    The management accounting profession and in particular, the identity and image of management accountants and professional competition.

    Performance and financial management regimes across the public sector, specifically local authorities and fire and rescue services.

    The process of management accounting change.

Potential supervisors




Professor Elisabeth Dedman - Divisional Research Director





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