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PhD subject group - Corporate Social Responsibility

Our research philosophy combines the search for excellence, collaboration, multi-disciplinary, international and multi-actor approaches - and the exchange of CSR knowledge.

The International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) dedication to achieving research excellence, is demonstrated by its contribution to distinguished management and social science journals, and more specialist business and society and business ethics journals. This enables the ICCSR to provide research-led, evidence-based teaching that informs practice in business, government and civil society.

Our collaborative approach is reflected through numerous research partnerships and our network of international visiting professors and visiting fellows. A great deal of ICCSR research reflects intra-team collaboration. Our collaborative networks bring richer discipline perspectives.

Our staff have multi-disciplinary interests and academic backgrounds is areas such as:

  • business ethics
  • environmental economics
  • social accountability
  • organisational sociology
  • international development
  • political science

Our international ethos is reflected in the choice of topics such CSR in Asia, CSR in Africa, Globalization & CSR, as well as in our comparative approach to CSR analysis.

Our research approach recognizes the significance of civil society and governmental actors as well as business organisations in the understanding of CSR.

Funding and research partnerships

The ICCSR has developed a series of successful research partnerships in which it has entered into a collaboration with an external organisation to develop or extend existing knowledge and enhance the understanding of CSR. Current collaborations are with:

  • FP7
  • CIMA
  • The Charities Aid Foundation
  • British Council India
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • The European Academy of Business in Society
  • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

In addition, several members of staff and students have been funded by the ESRC.


The ICCSR contributes to the exchange of CSR knowledge by organising conferences, annual symposiums and research workshops throughout the year.

Priority research areas

  • Sustainability and Development
  • Institutional Corporate Responsibility
  • Gender and CSR
  • Consumers, Markets and Responsibility
  • Normative Business Ethics





Wendy Chapple - Acting Director of International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) or

Rob Caruana - Deputy Director of Doctoral Programmes


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