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PhD subject group - International Business

The International Business subject group sits within the Management Division of the Business School. The work of our scholars draws on an eclectic range of perspectives and methodologies but always with the aim of delivering value to academic and practitioner audiences.

The group is committed to advancing world-class international business scholarship and developing ideas that helps managers make better sense of some of the most complex problems of globalisation and international business.

International business researchers have a reputation for an independent and forward-looking approach to their work. They often work with industry executives from leading companies to ensure research remains relevant and delivers a high impact for both academics and practitioners.

Our research has appeared in world-leading journals such as:

  • The Journal of International Business Studies
  • Research Policy
  • British Journal of Management
  • Human Resource Management (USA)
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Management International Review
  • International Business Review

Our current research projects include:

  • globalization of innovation
  • innovation and internationalization of emerging market enterprises
  • internationalization process linkage creations
  • leadership in emerging markets



Reflecting its eclectic disciplinary base, the group’s approach to empirical inquiry covers a diverse range of methods, from econometric modelling to case studies. Their research also informs teaching across international business and other programmes.

Our members have published widely on issues relating to:

  • technology spill-overs and transfers associated with foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • global network of R&D
  • global strategic alliances
  • internationalization process
  • the role of expatriates
  • the rise of emerging market enterprises as sources of outward FDI and innovators
  • leadership in emerging markets



Chengqi Wang - Director of MSc International Business


Our research is funded by:

The British Academy

  • Japanese Foundation Endowments Committee
  • Sino-British Fellowship Trust
  • National Science Foundation of China
  • Ningbo City of China, among others.

To make our research informative to policy-makers and practitioners, we have close links with leading British multinational companies, the Chinese government (at various levels) and leading Chinese companies.

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