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PhD subject group - Operations Management & Information Systems

Operations Management and Information Systems are closely related fields, both vital to business across the public and private sectors. The two disciplines are natural partners.

The School boasts one of the largest groups of operations management experts in the UK and is an international leader in logistics and supply chain management research.

Operations Management applies sophisticated methods to solving business problems related to designing, planning, controlling and improving operations, logistics and supply chain management processes. New information technologies to support them are continually evolving.

Our approaches to OM research are wide and include:

  • behavioural and human factors methods
  • modelling and simulation
  • analytical techniques of operations research.

Information Systems focuses on bridging the divide between computer science and business management, incorporating a range of approaches for designing and applying information technology solutions to organisations.

Our IS staff also adopt an interdisciplinary research approach, aiming to better understand the relationships between information systems (including technology), work and organisation (both virtual and physical) and to develop new tools and methodologies for enhancing system design.


Staff research interests - Operations Management

  • operations strategy
  • systems design
  • collaborative design and new product development
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • mass customisation
  • planning and control
  • outsourcing logistics and supply chains
  • quality management,
  • modeling and simulation
  • technology and knowledge management.

We also have strong links with the University's Engineering Faculty and we run joint courses and research programmes.

Staff research interests - Information Systems

  • Big data
  • IS strategy
  • strategic alignment of IS and business
  • human factors design of complex information systems
  • emotion and organisational change
  • open source innovation
  • new technology in higher education
  • green computing
  • technological innovation and organisational learning
  • strategic management of inter-organisational networks, B2B network orchestration, complexity and systems theories.







Professor Sanja Petrovic - Divisional Research Director (Operations Management and Information Systems)

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