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Haoyu Liu

Room: E07a (Yang Fujia)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8431399

Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2018
Expected Completion Date: /09/2021

Primary Funding Source:
Deng Yaping Sport Scholarship

Research Topic:
Identifying Sport Events Value Co-Creation Process through Engagement Behaviour

Research Details:
Social Live Streaming Services (SLSSs) is a new and interactive type of multimedia entertainment based on internet that has grown rapidly in popularity worldwide since 2011 (Needleman, 2015; Twitch, 2017). In China, the mobile live streaming industry took off in early 2016. Later that year, over 200 Apps offered live streaming (Lu et al., 2018). Sport management scholars have endeavoured to explore sports fans' engagement behaviour and value co-creation at social media (Uhrich, 2014; Healy & McDonagh, 2013; Pongsakornrungsilp & Schroeder, 2011). This provides insights and uncovers strategies for using social media as a platform in which to engage with sports fans for value co-creation and stimulate the success of a service. However, very few studies have explored SLSSs engagement behaviours and their role in value co-creation. The current study aims to identify the engagement behaviours of sport events viewers over SLSSs platforms and uncover the value-in-use through engagement behavioural experience based on a theory of Service-Dominant Logic (SDL).

Research Supervisor/s: Kulwant Pawar and Kim Tan

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