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Cihan Bütün

BS Food Eng, MBA, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Room: E07a (Yang Fujia)
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8431399

Current Status: Writing up
Year of Registration: 2015
Expected Completion Date: /09/2018

Primary Funding Source:
Business School Scholarship

Research Topic:
Locating hub container ports in liner shipping systems through a dynamic and multi-objective hub location model under uncertainty and congestion

Research Details:
Hubs are collection, sorting, transshipment and distribution centres of cargo, passengers, or information. Sea-to-sea transshipment hub ports are prominent in container liner shipping networks, and as such major hubs handle a considerable portion of global container traffic. Network configuration is a strategic-level decision in liner service design, and it affects all consecutive tactical and operational decisions. Among other network configurations, hub-and-spoke is particularly favoured by shipping lines due to its benefits. Cargoes can be bundled into larger shipments through hub-and-spoke networks enabling the use of larger containerships and higher frequency services with more destinations (Notteboom, 2008). It has further benefits for main stakeholders of liner shipping industry such as terminal operators and cargo shippers.
Hub location problem (HLP) is a growing variant of location problems, and is increasing its importance in location theory. In essence, HLP is to determine optimal locations of hub facilities, allocation of non-hub nodes to hubs and routeing of flows between origin and destination nodes (OD pairs) within a network.
The main objective of the proposed research project is to design and optimise container liner shipping networks in order to study how optimal hub port locations, non-hub port allocations, and routing of flows between hubs change in presence of different phenomena such as congestion at hub ports, uncertainty, multi-criteria decision making and multiple periods.
CurrentTeaching: Tutorial assistant for Management Science for Decision Support (N14C14)

Research Supervisor/s: Sanja Petrovic and Luc Muyldermans

Department: Operations Management and Information Systems

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