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The different grants secured by N/LAB illustrate some of the key focus areas around the use of Big Data and Machine Learning.

This strives to augment social policy and business decision including its international facet with projects in some of the world's fastest growing emerging economies.

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N/LAB Grants
Funding bodyAmount Details
DFID £80,000 Remote Sensing and Applied Machine Learning for the assessment of Low Volume Road Condition, Tanzania [2017]
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $100,000 Financial Mapping in East Africa [2016].
UK Space Agency (Space for All Programme) £6,000 Revealing Martian Landscapes through Linked Physical and Virtual Models [2016].
ESRC/DFID/NERC Big Data for Reslience £9,972 Big Data for Flood Resilience in East Africa [2015].
EPSRC Next Stage Digital Economy grant £4,062,954 From Human Data to Personal Experience [2015].
Newton Funds (British Council) Institutional Links £72,100 Public Health Intelligence Network for Dengue Surveillance in Malaysia [2015].
Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership £169,600 3D Laser Mapping and University of Nottingham [2015].
ESPRC/ESRC New Economic Models in the Digital Economy £762,424 Opening Developing Markets via Collaboration and Personal Data [2014].
TSB Transport Systems Catapault £179,593 East Midlands Intelligent Mobility Partnership [2014].
TSB Knowledge Transfer Partnership (w/ Krow Advertising) £136,177 A collaborative project to generate data analysis "dashboards" for predictive analytics [2014].
EPSRC, Horizon Digital Economy Research £153,000 Behavioural Trajectories - Categorizing & Predicting behaviour over time [2013]
EPSRC, Horizon Digital Economy Research £175,300 Neo-demographics: Modelling Human Behaviour from digital footprint data [2012]



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