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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, please e-mail us at or call +44 (0)115 823 2491

How do I update my contact details?
Please use our simple online Update your details form.
How do I verify a University of Nottingham degree?

All requests to verify information regarding current students, leavers or graduates are now processed through the Higher Education Degree Datacheck.

If your request is to verify information regarding a student or graduate of The University Of Nottingham please submit this request online at

How do I confirm I was a student at The University of Nottingham?
Confirmation of degree letters confirm the date alumni began their studies as well as the date they completed their studies, the degree awarded and the graduation date, if they graduated. Please note, however, that records for courses pre-1990 may not be as detailed.
Who do I contact for a reference?
For references please email or call +44 (0)115 951 3710 to contact Student Services.
How do I request a replacement degree certificate/copy of my transcript?
Copies of degree certificates and graduate transcripts are available from our Alumni online shop.

Please note that The University of Nottingham is unable to send these documents via e-mail. 
How can I reconnect with lost friends?

To make an enquiry please email, including as much relevant information as possible such as:

  • Full name, including any initials and previous names (eg maiden name) while at the University
  • Subject(s) of study and year of graduation

Please note that due to data protection laws, we are unable to provide alumni with contact details of other alumni. However we can forward your contact details with your permission, to alumni you are trying to reach should we have their valid contact details.

Alternatively, you can use our 'Find a friend' directory. This lists alumni who have registered for an account on this website, and, if they have given permission, will allow you to find their contact details. You will only be able access this directory if you are an alumni yourself.

How can the Alumni Relations team help me organise a reunion?
For information on how to organise a reunion and the ways in which we can support you, please visit our Organise a reunion page.
An alumnus/alumna I know has died, who do I need to tell?

Please email with the individual's details and we will update our records.

When one of our former students passes away, we include their name and education details in memoriam on our Deaths and obituaries page.  If you have any objections to the alumnus/alumna’s name being shared please let us know in your email.

How do I access online journals?

Nottingham University Business School provides all its graduates with free access to Business Source Alumni Edition a high quality business database developed by EBSCO Publishing, one of the world’s leading providers of library resources and research databases.

The database offers more than 1,500 full text business magazines, publications, and journals in nearly every area of business.

To start your free access please contact Alumni Manager, Adrian Mateo at
How can I access my e-mails/e-mail forwarding?

Student email accounts are deactivated 90 days after your official leaving date, so it is recommended that you plan ahead and ensure no emails are sent to this account after this. For further information, see Student IT Services.

We have previously offered a separate, alumni 'email for life' service, which provided a new e-mail that would forward to your own email address. This is no longer available to new users. If you have previously registered for an alumni e-mail forwarding address and wish to change the settings, please contact for assistance.

Where can I purchase alumni merchandise?
For official University of Nottingham merchandise please visit our online shop.

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