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Vol.1 (1998)

Phil Scranton, 'Webs of productive association in American industrialisation: patterns of institution- formation and their limits, Philadelphia, 1880-1930'

J.S. Toms, 'Growth, profits and technological choice: the case of the Lancashire cotton textile industry'

Roger Lloyd-Jones & M.J. Lewis, 'British industrial capitalism during the Second Industrial Revolution: a neo-Schumpeterian approach'

John Singleton, 'The tank producers: British mechanical engineering in the Great War'

Douglas A. Farnie & David Jeremy, 'The emergence of a new paradigm in the museums of the North West: the shift of emphasis in a new textile gallery from machinery to marketing'

Vol.2 (1999)

Steven W. Usselman 'Trying to keep the customers stratified: government, business and the paths of innovation in American railroads and computing'

Qiwen Lu & William Mass, 'Technology transfer and indigenous innovation in Pre-Revolution China: mechanical engineering capabilities and textile machinery enterprises'

A.J. Arnold, 'Innovation, deskilling and profitability in the British machine-tools industry: Alfred Herbert 187-1927'

Geoffrey Tweedale, 'Management strategies for health: J.W. Roberts and the Armley asbestos tragedy, 1920-1958'

Ross Hamilton, 'Early British machine tool automation: the road to numerical control'

Vol. 3 (2000), No.1

John Quail, 'The proprietorial theory of the firm and its consequences'

Andrew Popp, 'Trust in an industrial district: the Potteries, c.1850-1900'

S. Procter & J.S. Toms, 'Industrial relations and technical change: profits, wages and costs in the Lancashire cotton industry, 1880-1914'

John D. Turner, 'The move to limited liability banking in Scotland an the introduction of bank regulation'

S. Bowden & D.M. Higgins, 'Quiet successes and loud failures: the UK textile industries in the inter-war years' Vol.3 (2000),

Vol. 3 (2000), No. 2

Robert Fitzgerald, 'The competitive and institutional advantages of holding companies: British businesses in the inter-war period'

Peter Scott & Tim Rooth, 'Protectionism and the growth of overseas multinational enterprise in interwar Britain' David Clayton, 'A Hong Kong knitting factory in 1933: its reconstruction from bankruptcy court records'

Peter Wardley, 'The commercial banking industry and its part in the emergence and consolidation of the corporate economy in Britain before 1940'

Roy Church & Christine Clark, 'The origins of competitive advantage in the marketing of branded packaged consumer goods: Colman's and Reckitt's in early Victorian Britain'

Vol.4 (2001), No.1

Michael Rowlinson, 'Business history and organization theory' Robert Forrant, '"Neither a sleepy village nor a coarse factory town": skill in the Greater Springfield Massachusetts industrial economy, 1800-1900'

D.M. Higgins & J.S. Toms, 'Capital ownership, capital structure and capital markets: financial constraints and the decline of the Lancashire cotton textile industry, 1880-1965'

Andrew Jenkins, 'The British gas industry, 1949 to 1970: a regional comparison'

Michael Ferguson, Models of management education and training: the "Consultancy Approach"'

Sohei Shiroshita, Takai Ito & Hiromitsu Kumamoto, 'A wooden model of a British steam locomotive fabricated in the dawn of the Japanese railway era'

Vol.4(2001), No.2

Charles Harvey, Mairi Maclean & Tony Hayward, 'From knowledge dependence to knowledge creation: industrial growth and the technological advance of the Japanese electronics industry'

John Hassan, 'Industrialisation, pollution and estuarine rescue'

Sue Bowden, 'Corporate governance in a political climate: the "City", the government and British Leyland Motor Corporation'

Ove Bjarnar, Rolv Petter Amdam & Hallgeir Gammelsaeter, 'Management qualification and dissemination of knowledge in regional innovation systems: the case of Norway 1930s-1990s'

S. McCartney & A.J. Arnold, '"Capital clamours for profitable investment, confidence has become eager and may shortly be blind": George Hudson and the "railway mania" extensions of the York and North Midland Railway'

Vol.5 (2002), No.1

John Quail, `Reflections on Robert Fitzgerald on Holding Companies'

Robert Fitzgerald, 'Corporate Structures and Holding Companies in Britain: evidence, comparison and appraisal'

Francesca Carnevali, 'Did they have it so good? Small firms and British monetary policy in the 1950s'

Sue Bowden & Andrew Gamble, 'Corporate Governance and Public Policy: 'New' InitiativesBy 'Old' Labour to reform stakeholder behaviour in the UK, 1956-69'

Kenneth D. Brown, 'Entrepreneurial Failure and Retailing: a case-study'

Christophe Lecuyer, 'Electronic component manufacturing and rise of Silicon Valley'