Professor Maroto-Valer visits Taiwan

Mercedes visits Taiwan

From left, Prof. S.-K. Ma, Prof J. C-S Wu, Minister Dr. Shen, Prof Maroto-Valer, Prof. C.-S. Tan and Prof. C.-P. Chiang.

Professor Maroto-Valer visited Taiwan this June to discuss potential collaborations in Carbon Capture and Storage.

During this visit, she met Dr. Stephen Shu-hung Shen, Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) with a group of distinguished engineering professors and identified areas of common interest. 

Mercedes also visited the National University of Taiwan and discussed the existing project in CO2 capture and utilisation with Professor Jeffrey C. S. Wu (Chemical Engineering, NTU) . 

She ended her visit by giving the keynote presentation in Taichung at the 29th Taiwan Symposium on Catalysis and Reaction Engineering. 


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