Aspire channel swim

As Italians at CICCS at the University of Nottingham (..yes Laura you are almost.. ) we decided to support the Aspire Channel Swim for people with spinal cord injuries. Aspire is a national charity providing practical support, funding and advice to those with spinal injuries in the UK and Ireland.

The CICCS team swam the distance of the English Channel in 12 weeks - however, after deciding we didn't want to be stuck in France we doubled the distance, making a final target of 44 miles or at least 2832 lengths.

Here is how we did:

  • Laura: 2610 lengths
  • Manuela: 214 lengths
  • Aimaro: 440 lengths
  • Giorgio: 1000 lengths
  • Marco: 1540 lengths

We are happy to say the swim raised £400 from donations. Thank you from CICCS to all our supporters.


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