New collaboration with Caterpillar UK Engines Co Ltd announced

Utilization of industrial waste materials for value added permanent sequestration of CO2

The Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Caterpillar UK Engines Company Limited. The project, led by Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Hall and Dr. Mark Gillot from the University of Nottingham and Dr. Anton Zimmerman from Caterpillar, will study the use of waste materials as mineral input for CO2 capture and storage by mineral carbonation instead of virgin minerals. Allocated funds will support a three years PhD program in close collaboration between CICCS and Caterpillar.

Mineral carbonation is a promising technology which captures CO2 by reacting it with magnesium or calcium rich minerals, producing valuable carbonates. The project will investigate the use of industrial waste that can carbonate under milder conditions than those required by virgin minerals. Research will attempt to find fast reactions routes to enhance carbonation process, minimizing energy consumption and costs.

The collaboration between Caterpillar and CICCS will benefit both CCS leading teams in terms of knowledge and experiences exchange and it will provide the ideal opportunity to develop the technology through the early technology readiness levels.

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