Professor Maroto-Valer Presents at the Financial Times Energy Conference

Mercedes Maroto-Valer, the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) has recently presented at the FT Energy Conference. The theme of this years conference was 'Technological solutions to meet tomorrow's energy challenges'.

Energy resources are under pressure, yet increased supplies are needed to support growing economies and populations around the world. Ensuring resources are clean and sustainable and reducing carbon emissions, are priorities for leading specialists in the field of energy technologies.

The Financial Times Energy Conference held in London this year, brought together leading experts to discuss which emerging technologies are integral to meeting this challenge.

Professor Maroto-Valer spoke as part of the panel addressing the theme 'Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Hydrocarbon Fuels' with discussions focusing on:

  • Breakthrough technologies for the large scale reduction, removal and sequestration of carbon dioxide
  • Advancements in clean coal technologies
  • Emerging clean technology solutions for extracting hydrocarbons

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