Mercedes Maroto-Valer and Qi Liu participate in 1st International Conference on Clean Energy Science in China

Mercedes Martoto-Valer and Qi LiuProfessor Mercedes Maroto-Valer and Mr Qi Liu participated in the 1st International Conference on Clean Energy Science (ICCES) in Dalian (China) from the 10th-13th April this year.

The Conference was co-sponsored by the Dalian Institution of Chemical Physic (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the Royal Chemical Society, and it was the first conference in the world to focus on the scientific problems of clean energy such as solar energy conversion, biofuels and biomass conversion, and CO2 capture and storage with discussions of the latest advances.

Over 300 participants from 25 countries worldwide, including scholars, experts and entrepreneurs from various energy areas inside and outside China, attended, with exchanges and discussions carried out in different sessions over the the 3-days of the conference.

Our Director, Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer is the chief scientist of the National Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (NCCCS) and was invited to chair a a session of ICCES. Mr Qi Liu, who is the 3rd year PhD student in CICCS delivered an oral presentation titled 'Experimental studies of pH control in buffer systems for sequestering CO2 as mineral carbonates'. Mr Liu was the only student invited to give an oral presentation in this conference.

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