Giorgio presents to Rotary Club

Dr. Giorgio Caramanna was invited to speak to the Rotary Club about his experiences as a Scientific Diver last week.

The Beeston Rotary Club hosted their weekly dinner at the Beeston Fields Golf Club where they traditionally invite guests to attend the dinner and to present talks about their expertise.

Dr. Giorgio Caramanna was invited by the Rotarian Dr. Aris Georgopoulos to present a review of the last ten year of his activity as scientific diver.

Giorgio presented videos showing his underwater research in flooded caves, geothermal springs and his most recent study into the submarine CO2 emissions off the shore of the volcanic island of Panarea, Italy.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion with the attendees of the event on several aspects of the research.

The event was a good opportunity to present some aspects of the expertise and the research activity that is conducted by the University of Nottingham.

The Beeston Rotary Club President Dr. Nick Doughty concluded the evening with the traditional toast to the Queen and to the Rotary.

Giorgio Caramanna presents to Rotary Club Giorgio with Rotary Club President
Giorgio presents to the Rotary Club Giorgio with Dr. Nick Doughty

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