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Research is cross-disciplinary bringing together engineers, mathematicians, bio-scientists, geographers and geologists. The Centre collaborates and is supported by industries, international energy policy advisors, government organisations, regional development agencies, national and international universities and research centres.

The Centre has contributed and is currently active in a large number of collaborative research and development programmes:

Decentralised options for CCS

  • Mineral carbonation using silicate minerals to sequester carbon dioxide into a permanent, solid and stable form.

Integration of capture and storage systems

  • Effect of impurities in properties of carbon dioxide during capture, transport and storage.
  • Geological sequestration.
  • Geological storage in red beds.
  • Saline aquifers and brines from oil and gas wells are being studied to ensure the integrity of long-term geological storage.
  • Integrity of sites and development of concrete castings resistant to CO2.
  • Computer simulations coupled with laboratory work.
  • Storage in unmineable coal seams.

Utilisation of CO2 as a feedstock

  • Artificial photosynthesis: Light harvesting for the photochemical conversion of CO2 into fuels or chemicals.
  • Production of fuels.

CO2 capture: improving efficiency and reducing costs

  • High capacity adsorbents for more efficient capture in traditional pulverised fuel (PF) combustion and integrated combined cycle gasification are being developed.
  • Novel and cost-effective processing of nanomaterials with high surface area and high thermal stability for carbon capture.

Terrestrial CO2 storage

  • Establishing reliable monitoring of environmental impacts with a soil gas release facility.

Public acceptability and regulatory issues

  • Broad sociological studies of CCS technologies and envisioning a new carbon economy.

Cleaner coal technology

  • This programme supports the power industry through research on gas clean-up (mercury, CO2 and NOx), coal beneficiation, PF combustion, gasification, and combustion by-products control.

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