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Nottingham Consultancy Challenge

Students working in a group 

This years Challenge ran from Monday 14 February to Friday 25 March 2022. Information on the next Challenge will be updated soon.

Do you have a business idea, project, or problem that you don’t have the time or resources to work on? Through the Nottingham Consultancy Challenge, you could benefit from free business support from University of Nottingham students.


Please contact George Lycett directly if you’ve missed the deadline but would like to enquire about participation.


What's the commitment?

The Challenge is designed to simulate a real business relationship between student consultants and their client: you. Students are guided on how to work with professional clients, and this direct interaction is a key incentive for students volunteering their time. The level of involvement varies to accommodate your availability and interest, but as a minimum a representative from your organisation would be available for: 


  • Liaise with the scheme manager to create your project brief that students will work on 

  • Review and sign up to the terms of the Challenge 

During the Challenge 

  • A weekly meeting with the student group over video call 

  • Ad hoc queries from the student group to ensure progress with your project 

  • Providing feedback to students at the close of the Challenge 


How does the Challenge work?

We assign each project as a ‘Challenge’ to a small group of students who will work on it and deliver a presentation and report over a six-week period, contributing between six-eight hours each per week (including meetings etc.)

Students and organisations will collaborate remotely, using video call and online working tools such as MS Teams to allow it to run regardless of changing circumstances relating to Covid-19. You will need to commit to virtually meet with the students once a week over the six weeks and provide feedback to the student group on how well they responded to your project brief. The Challenge will be concluded with a written report and presentation, which will be delivered to you via video call.  

Students are supported throughout the Challenge by the University to develop and use skills vital to great consultancy work: customer service, professional communication, group-working and creating and delivering excellent presentations. As the client, your first point of contact will be with your student consultancy group, but the university is on hand to offer support and advice.


Hear from participating organisations

Gaining a fresh insight into areas of business we could explore in the future, and having an independent outside view on current challenges has been great for the business and will help drive forward changes.
The students did a great job getting to grips with a complex industry, their research was timely and useful and they behaved in a professional manner throughout.
ID Ward
The students worked exceptionally well in their response to the brief and covered all issues raised, and made really useful suggestions for ways to combat organisational problems that we had never previously considered.
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